A high level web scraping library for Haskell.

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Apache-2.0 licensed by Will Coster
Maintained by [email protected]
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Module documentation for 0.5.1

Scalpel Core

Scalpel core provides a subset of the scalpel web scraping library that is intended to have lightweight dependencies and to be free of all non-Haskell dependencies.

Notably this package does not contain any networking support. Users who desire a batteries include solution should depend on scalpel which does include networking support instead of scalpel-core.

More thorough documentation including example code can be found in the documentation of the scalpel package.


Change Log



  • Fix bug (#59, #54) in DFS traversal order.


  • Split scalpel into two packages: scalpel and scalpel-core. The latter does not provide networking support and does not depend on curl.


  • Added notP attribute predicate.


  • Add the chroot tricks (#23 and #25) to and added examples.
  • Fix backtracking that occurs when using guard and chroot.
  • Fix bug where the same tag may appear in the result set multiple times.
  • Performance optimizations when using the (//) operator.
  • Make Scraper an instance of MonadFail. Practically this means that failed pattern matches in <- expressions within a do block will evaluate to mzero instead of throwing an error and bringing down the entire script.
  • Pluralized scrapers will now return the empty list instead mzero when there are no matches.
  • Add the position scraper which provides the index of the current sub-tree within the context of a chroots’s do-block.


  • Added the innerHTML and innerHTMLs scraper.
  • Added the match function which allows for the creation of arbitrary attribute predicates.
  • Fixed build breakage with GHC 8.0.1.

  • Make tag and attribute matching case-insensitive.


  • Added benchmarks and many optimizations.
  • The select method is removed from the public API.
  • Many methods now have a constraint that the string type parametrizing TagSoup’s tag type now must be order-able.
  • Added scrapeUrlWithConfig that will hopefully put an end to multiplying scrapeUrlWith* methods.
  • The default behaviour of the scrapeUrl* methods is to attempt to infer the character encoding from the Content-Type header.

  • Cleanup stale instance references in documentation of TagName and AttributeName.


  • Made Scraper an instance of MonadPlus.

  • Fixed examples in documentation and added an examples folder for ready to compile examples. Added travis tests to ensures that examples remain compilable.


  • Removed the StringLike parameter from the Selector, Selectable, AttributePredicate, AttributeName, and TagName types. Instead they are now agnostic to the underlying string type, and are only constructable with Strings and the Any type.

  • Tighten dependencies and drop download-curl all together.


  • Add the html and html scraper primitives for extracting raw HTML.


  • Make scrapeURL follow redirects by default.
  • Expose a new function scrapeURLWithOpts that takes a list of curl options.
  • Fix bug (#2) where image tags that do not have a trailing “/” are not selectable.


  • Tighten dependencies on download-curl.


  • First version!