Generate PureScript accessor functions for you servant API

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Servant Purescript

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Generate typed PureScript query functions for your servant-api. Find an example, including the generated code in examples/central-counter.


  • Typed serialization/deserialization taken care of by Haskell’s aeson and PureScript’s argonaut. Generic encoding/decoding of both made compatible by purescript-argonaut-generic-codecs.
  • You can put common parameters like Auth tokens and the base URL in a reader monad so you don’t have to pass them explicitly. This is configurable in the code generator with readerParams in Settings.


It works!

Documentation is yet to come, but there is a usage example in examples/central-counter which also uses servant-subscriber used for counter live updates. Generated code is only partly tested, especially Query parameters are completely untested.

For type translations purescript-bridge is used.