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Unicode Transforms

This is a lightweight Haskell library supporting commonly used unicode transformations (currently only normalizations) on ByteStrings (UTF-8) and Text.

Haskell package text-icu provides a comprehensive set of unicode transforms. The drawback of text-icu is that it requires you to install the ICU library OS packages first. This package is self contained and aims to provide an API similar to text-icu so that it can be used as a drop-in replacement for the features it supports.


Unicode normalization in NFC, NFKC, NFD, NFKD forms is supported. This version of the library supports unicode versions upto 5.1.0.


Please see the haddock documentation available with the package.


This package is implemented as bindings to the utf8proc C utility. The utf8proc version bundled with this package is taken from the xqilla project (xqilla version 2.3.2).

In future the underlying utf8proc implementation will get replaced by a Haskell implementation supporting the latest unicode versions.

Related stuff

Please see the file shipped with this package for more details on related packages, missing features and todo etc.


Contributions are welcome! Please use the github repository at to raise issues, request features or send pull requests.