hslogger is a logging framework for Haskell, roughly similar to Python's logging module.

hslogger lets each log message have a priority and source be associated with it. The programmer can then define global handlers that route or filter messages based on the priority and source. hslogger also has a syslog handler built in.

Used by 127 packages:
Buster, Combinatorrent, GenI, HAppS-IxSet, HAppS-Server, HAppS-State, HAppS-Util, HSH, HaRe, HaskellTorrent, Hawk, Hermes, Holumbus-Distribution, Holumbus-MapReduce, Holumbus-Searchengine, Holumbus-Storage, LogicGrowsOnTrees, LogicGrowsOnTrees-MPI, LogicGrowsOnTrees-network, LogicGrowsOnTrees-processes, MissingH, Network-NineP, Nomyx-Rules, SessionLogger, Snusmumrik, apis, ariadne, backdropper, bkr, ble, borel, cassandra-cql, cerberus, courier, d-bus, darcs-buildpackage, datapacker, dfsbuild, discord-gateway, discord-rest, dockercook, dsmc, dsmc-tools, exception-mailer, ez-couch, fibon, forml, ftphs, geni-gui, git-all, git-annex, git-gpush, git-repair, github-backup, gitit, hackage-server, happstack-hstringtemplate, happstack-server, happstack-server-tls, happstack-server-tls-cryptonite, happstack-state, happstack-util, harmony, haskell-lsp, haskoon, haskoon-httpspec, haskoon-salvia, hg-buildpackage, hpodder, hsfcsh, hslogger-reader, hslogger-template, hslogger4j, hsnsq, hsubconvert, htsn, htsn-common, htsn-import, hunt-searchengine, hunt-server, hunt-server-cli, imap, jobqueue, keera-hails-mvc-solutions-gtk, keiretsu, laborantin-hs, lambdabot-core, language-puppet, leksah, leksah-server, load-balancing, marquise, mighttpd, moesocks, moonshine, mqtt, mute-unmute, net-concurrent, netcore, nomyx-api, nomyx-core, nomyx-server, nvim-hs, phoityne, phoityne-vscode, pontarius-xmpp, propellor, puppetresources, push-notify-ccs, resolve, roguestar-engine, rpf, scion, scrape-changes, snaplet-hslogger, srcinst, sshtun, static-resources, tak, task-distribution, tftp, time-warp, top, twidge, uacpid, vaultaire-common, yql
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