Mid-Level PostgreSQL client library, forked from mysql-simple.


For the full changelog, see https://github.com/lpsmith/postgresql-simple/blob/master/CHANGES.md

Version (2016-06-29)

  • Bumped the lower bound for base to 4.6. Thanks to Herbert Valerio Riedel for reporting the issue.

  • Added an Eq instance for SqlError, thanks to Chris Allen

  • Fixed a bug where a all-caps "NULL" text value inside a postgresql array would get parsed as the SQL null value. Thanks goes to Edgar Gomes and Silk for finding and fixing this mistake.

  • Modified withTransaction and friends to ignore IOErrors when attempting to roll back the transaction. This fixes a buggy interaction between withTransaction and async exceptions (e.g. System.Timeout) on unix platforms. Thanks goes to Erik Hesselink and Silk for providing the test case that exposed this issue.

  • Added the testTimeout regression test for the problem above.

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