Arbitrary instances for proto-lens.

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The proto-lens-arbitrary allows generating arbitrary messages for use with QuickCheck.


Changelog for proto-lens-arbitrary


  • Bump the dependency on base for ghc-8.4.2.
  • Bump the dependency for QuickCheck-2.11.


  • Remove support for ghc-7.10. (#136)
  • Use a .cabal file that’s auto-generated from hpack. (#138)
  • Track proto-lens changes to the Message class. (#139, #147)
  • Expose shrinkMessage (#159)
  • Improve the Arbitrary generator for nested structures (#163)


  • Bump the dependency on base to support ghc-8.2.1.

  • Export the arbitraryMessage function (#93).

  • Bump the dependency for QuickCheck-2.10.
  • Make the build -Wall-clean.

  • Bump the dependency for QuickCheck-2.9.

  • Bump the dependency on base to support ghc-8.0.

Initial version.

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