Protocol buffer compiler for the proto-lens library.

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BSD3 licensed by Judah Jacobson

Turn protocol buffer files (.proto) into Haskell files (.hs) which can be used with the proto-lens package. The library component of this package contains compiler code (namely Data.ProtoLens.Compiler.*) that is not guaranteed to have stable APIs.


Changelog for proto-lens-protoc

Unreleased changes


  • Don't camel-case message names. This reverts behavior which was added in v0.2.2.0.


  • Bump the dependency for process-1.6.


  • Fix the case where types/constructors of oneofs overlap with those of submessages or subenums, by appending "'" to the former when required.


  • Bump the dependency on base to support ghc-8.2.1 and Cabal-2.0.
  • Bump the dependency for haskell-src-exts-0.19.
  • Improve the semantics of oneof fields, and add a lens to access the underlying sum type.
  • Generate Ord instances for all exported datatypes.
  • Print a better error message when missing protoc or proto-lens-protoc.
  • Expose message names to support Data.ProtoLens.Any.
  • CamelCase the names of Haskell message types.

v0.2.1.0 and older

See for proto-lens.

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