alternative package for processing of tag soups http://code.haskell.org/~thielema/tagchup/

Version on this page:0.4.1
LTS Haskell 9.18:0.4.1
Stackage Nightly 2017-12-14:0.4.1
Latest on Hackage:0.4.1

Tagchup is a package for processing XML, HTML, XHTML documents that can also be malformed. It allows parsing, formatting and retrieval of such document. All functions should be as lazy as possible.

I use a custom data structure based on types from xml-basic for easy interchange with the wraxml package.

Its lazy monadic parser should be more comprehensible and easier to extend than the one of tagsoup-0.6. It also handles XML processing instructions and CDATA sections correctly.

The name Tagchup resembles Ketchup.

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