Extensible records and polymorphic variants.

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“Data.Diverse.Many” is an extensible record for any size encoded efficiently as (Seq Any).

“Data.Diverse.Which” polymorphic variant of possibilities encoded as (Int, Any).

Provides getters, setters, projection, injection, folds, and catamorphisms; accessed by type or index or label.

Refer to ManySpec.hs and WhichSpec.hs for example usages.

Iso, Lens and Prisms are provided in data-diverse-lens


  • Initial version represented as (Int, Data.Map Int Any)

  • Removed Emit typeclass, breaking renames. Added label accessors.

  • Renamed type level functions module from Type to TypeLevel

  • Moved lens to data-diverse-lens

  • Removed NOINLINE pragmas. Changed internal representation to (Int, Data.IntMap Any) for a 2.5x append speedup.

  • Changed internal representation to (Data.Seq Any) for a further 2x append speedup. Added NFData instance for Many

  • Added NFData instance for Which Forgot to expose Many.sliceL and Many.sliceR