JSON Object Signing and Encryption Library

Version on this page:0.7.8
LTS Haskell 22.30:0.9.6
Stackage Nightly 2024-07-23:0.10.0
Latest on Hackage:0.10.0

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BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Luke Taylor
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Module documentation for 0.7.8

An implementation of the JOSE suite of IETF standards and the closely related JWT (JSON web token) spec (

Both signed and encrypted JWTs are supported, as well as simple JWK keys.



  • Switch from EitherT to ExceptT to allow compiling with latest version of ‘either’ package.


  • User ByteArray and ScrubbedBytes from memory package in preference to ByteString in internal crypto code.


  • Fixed exception when JWT contained invalid Base64 (issue #15).
  • Add generateSymmetricKey utility function to Jwk module.


  • A JWT parser is now used to separate parsing and decoding into separate stages (internal change).


  • Stricter checking of AES key lengths when looking for a valid JWK to encode/decode an AES-KW JWT.


  • Add JSON test data to extra-source-files.


  • Remove test dependency on aeson-qq


  • Update cryptonite version to 0.19 to avoid security issues
  • Fix broken benchmark code
  • Better error message for invalid key length when using AES keywrap


  • Add support for AES key wrap in JWEs.
  • Support A192GCM and A192CBC-HS384 algorithms.
  • Switch to cryptonite library.


  • Remove dependency on errors package.


  • Minor internal changes to fix build on GHC 7.10.


  • Change KeyId type to allow use of a UTCTime string for the identifier.
  • Internal crypto fixes to prevent exceptions from external libraries.


  • Add JwtEncoding type. Changes API of Jwt.encode and Jwt.decode.


  • Fix in the code for finding suitable JWKs for encoding/decoding.

  • Added doctest flag to cabal file to allow doctests to be disabled.


  • Add cprng-aes dependency to doctests to stop test failure on travis and nixos hydra builds.


  • Changed use of Jwt type to represent an encoded JWT.
  • Introduced Payload type to allow setting the cty header value correctly for nested JWTs.
  • Added an explicit Unsecured type for a decoded JWT, to make it obvious when the content is not signed or encrypted.
  • Fixed some bugs in JSON encoding and decoding of EC JWKs.


Changed the signature of Jwt.encode to take a list of Jwk rather than a single key. The key will be selected from the list based on the specified algorithms.


  • New support for JWS validation using elliptic curve algorithms.
  • Added Jwt.encode function which takes a JWK argument, allowing key data (currently the key ID) to be encoded in the token header.