BSD-3-Clause licensed by John David Reaver
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This version can be pinned in stack with:oanda-rest-api-0.4.1@sha256:b545c7cfc0cd08e7c31b4c9d080df665b17e507bd18d83e64b3acfd30ae49192,3276


Build Status

This library implements a Haskell client to the OANDA v20 REST API.


Right now the only methods I have implemented are the ones I currently use. Feel free to make a PR or open an issue if there is a missing API endpoint that you need.




  • Fix style suggestions for newer hlint


  • Migrated to the new v20 REST API


  • Added endpoint to create orders

  • Prefer Text instead of String for arguments. We still use String in endpoints since that is what wreq uses.
  • Use http-conduit instead of wreq

  • Use thyme instead of time. Thyme uses a much more efficient representation of time stamps. Note that thyme has a module called Data.Thyme.Time that provides wrappers and conversion functions to and from time types.
  • Added a convenient granularityToDiffTime to convert from Granularity to NominalDiffTime.
  • Fixed not being able to use a start/end time in conjunction with a count for the candlestick endpoints.
  • Use true optional arguments using Maybe. This fixes some endpoints breaking when empty lists were passed, and also makes it so we don’t have to hard-code defaults.

Initial release. The API is not yet complete, but there is enough to be useful.