Library to handle the details of writing daemons for UNIX http://github.com/greydot/hdaemonize

Version on this page:
LTS Haskell 8.12:0.5.2
Stackage Nightly 2017-04-24:0.5.2
Latest on Hackage:0.5.2
BSD3 licensed by Anton Tayanovskyy, Fred Ross
Maintained by Lana Black <lanablack at amok dot cc>

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`hdaemonize` is a simple library that hides some of the complexities
of writing UNIX daemons in Haskell.


The latest version is available (BSD license) at


The synopsis is:

import System.Posix.Daemonize
main = daemonize $ program

This code will make `program` do what good daemons should do, that is,
detach from the terminal, close file descriptors, create a new process
group, and so on.

If you want more functionality than that, it is available as a
`serviced` function.

Here is an example:

import Control.Concurrent
import System.Posix.Daemonize

loop i log = do threadDelay $ 10^6
log (show i)
writeFile "/tmp/counter" $ show i
if i == 5 then undefined else loop (i + 1) log

main = serviced (loop 0)

Let us say this program is compiled as `mydaemon`. Then:

# mydaemon start

starts the service. A second call to start will complain that the
program is already running.

During its execution, mydaemon will simply write a new number to
`/tmp/counter` every second, until it reaches 5. Then, an exception
will be thrown. This exception will be caught by `hdaemonize`, and
logged to `/var/log/daemon.log` or similar (this is depends on how
`syslog` works on your platorm). `log (show i)` will leave messages
in the same file.

When the exception is thrown, the program will be restared in 5
seconds, and will start counting from 0 again.

The following commands are also made available:

# mydaemon stop
# mydaemon restart

Finally, `mydaemon` drops privileges. By default it changes the
effective user and group ids to those of the `daemon` user, but it
prefers to use those of `mydaemon`, if present.


* 0.5.2
* Fix pre-AMP builds.

* 0.5.1
* Updated to use hsyslog >=4

* 0.4
* added support for a privileged action before dropping privileges

* 0.3
* merged with updates by madhadron

* 0.2
* provided documentation
* backported to older GHC versions, tested on 6.8.1

* 0.1
* initial public release


Anton Tayanovskyy <name.surname@gmail.com>, bug reports and feature
requests welcome.

The code is originally based on a public posting by
[Andre Nathan](http://sneakymustard.com/), used by permission.
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