automatical derivation of querying functions for servant webservices

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This library lets you automatically derive Haskell functions that let you query each endpoint of a servant webservice.


type MyApi = "books" :> Get '[JSON] [Book] -- GET /books
        :<|> "books" :> ReqBody Book :> Post '[JSON] Book -- POST /books

myApi :: Proxy MyApi
myApi = Proxy

getAllBooks :: Manager -> BaseUrl -> ExceptT String IO [Book]
postNewBook :: Book -> Manager -> BaseUrl -> ExceptT String IO Book
-- 'client' allows you to produce operations to query an API from a client.
(getAllBooks :<|> postNewBook) = client myApi


The latest version of this document is on GitHub. Changelog for servant package contains significant entries for all core packages.

  • Support base-compat-0.10


  • Streaming endpoint support. (#836)
  • servant Add Servant.API.Modifiers (#873)
  • servant-client Support http-client’s CookieJar (#897 #883)

  • Send Accept header. (#858)


  • Factored out into servant-client-core all the functionality that was independent of the http-client backend.


Other changes

  • Path components are escaped (#696)
  • Req reqPath field changed from String to BS.Builder (#696)
  • Include Req in failure errors (#740)


Breaking changes

There shouldn't be breaking changes. Released as a part of servant suite.

Other changes

  • Add MonadBase and MonadBaseControl instances for ClientM (#663)

  • client asks for any content-type in Accept contentTypes non-empty list (#615)

  • Add ClientLike class that matches client functions generated using client with client data structure. (#640)

  • Allow direct use of 'RequestBody' (#661)

  • Add MonadThrow and MonadCatch instances for ClientM


  • BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: client now returns a ClientM which is a Reader for BasicEnv. BasicEnv comprises the HttpManager and BaseUrl that have had to be passed to each method returned by client.


  • Support GHC 8.0
  • ServantError has an Eq instance now.


  • client no longer takes BaseUrl and Manager arguments. Instead, each function returned by client requires these two arguments.


  • Use the text package instead of String.
  • Support for the HttpVersion, IsSecure, RemoteHost and Vault combinators
  • Added support for path on BaseUrl.
  • client now takes an explicit Manager argument.
  • Use http-api-data instead of Servant.Common.Text
  • Client functions now consider any 2xx successful.
  • Remove matrix params.
  • Added support for Basic authentication
  • Add generalized authentication support via the AuthClientData type family and AuthenticateReq data type


  • The HasClient instance for Delete cts () now does not care at all about content types provided.


  • Delete now is like Get, Post, Put, and Patch and returns a response body
  • Support content-type aware combinators and Accept/Content-type headers
  • Added a lot of tests
  • Support multiple concurrent threads
  • Use ServantError to report Errors instead of String
  • Make the clients for Raw endpoints return the whole Response value (to be able to access response headers for example)
  • Support for PATCH
  • Make () instances expect No Content status code, and not try to decode body.
  • Add support for response headers


  • Add TLS support
  • Add matrix parameter support
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