Extras for Fn, a functional web framework.


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ISC licensed by Daniel Patterson
Maintained by [email protected]
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This repository has some helpers that have heavier dependencies than core fn. In general, things get added here whenever using libraries on their own conflicts with the design goals of Fn. This could mean that there is a lot of boilerplate to get them set up, or they are heavily monadic (in which case the code here serves to make them use more normal functions).


  • Daniel Patterson [email protected] 2016-3-11

    • Change repository location, copyright.
  • Daniel Patterson [email protected] 2016-3-2

    • Switch Heist to use StateT rather than ReaderT, so splices can update context.
    • Add support for compiled heist.
    • Add support for digestive functors. Note: current (significant) limitation is that if you have already parsed the request body with !=> then we can only use post params and not files. This is because Fn parses them to lazy bytestrings, but digestive functors wants them in temporary files, and for now, we’re not converting (it could be done). But, the expectation is that if you are using digestive functors, you won’t ever be parsing post bodies with !=>.
  • Daniel Patterson [email protected] 2016-1-20

    • Fix for GHC 7.8.4, which cabal file said would work, but didn’t.
  • Daniel Patterson [email protected] 2015-11-5

    • Add heistServe, which serves templates according to path.
    • Remove heistLens and setHeist from HeistContext type class, as they aren’t used.
  • Daniel Patterson [email protected] 2015-10-30

    • Add tag', which builds splices without atttributes.
  • Daniel Patterson [email protected] 2015-10-26

    • Initial release.