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This library contains direct bindings to the Windows Win32 APIs for Haskell.


Changelog for Win32 package Dec 2018

  • Drop use of NegativeLiterals (See #118) Nov 2018

  • Fix broken links (See #116)
  • Remove unused CPP Lower bounds (See #114)
  • GHC 8.8 release May 2018

  • Deprecated regQueryValueKey. (See #105, #108)
  • Updated regQueryValue signature (See #108)
  • Add regQueryDefaultValue (See #108)
  • Add regGetValue and RegTypeRestriction (See #109)
  • Remove sYNCHRONIZE from System.Win32.Process, use System.Win32.File instead. (See #110) April 2018

  • Fixed MOUSEINPUT storable instance. (See #106) March 2018

  • Fixed DWORD_PTR type (See #99)
  • Add lockFile and unlockFile (See #103) December 2017

  • Add setFilePointerEx (See #94)
  • Add getConsoleScreenBufferInfo and getCurrentConsoleScreenBufferInfo (See #95) November 2017

  • Add terminateProcessById (See #91) September 2017

  • Make cabal error out on compilation on non-Windows OSes. (See #80)
  • Update cabal format to 1.10 and set language default to Haskell2010. (See #81)
  • Use Maybe in wrappers for functions with nullable pointer parameters (See #83)
  • Improve cross compilation support. (See #87) April 2017

  • Fixed GetWindowLong on 32-bit Windows March 2017

  • Fix buffer overflow in regSetValue. (See #39)
  • Added getPixel. (See #37)
  • Drop dependency on ntdll because of incorrect import library on x86. (See #79) March 2017

  • Fix constant underflows with (-1) and unsigned numbers.
  • Add commandLineToArgv Feb 2017

  • Add withHandleToHANDLE (originally found in the ansi-terminal library)
  • fixed PokeTZI test Jan 2017

  • failWith (and the API calls that use it) now throw IOErrors with proper IOErrorTypes.
  • Add function findWindowByName
  • Fix a bug in the implementation of poke for TIME_ZONE_INFORMATION which would cause it to be marshalled incorrectly.
  • Add System.Win32.MinTTY module for detecting the presence of MinTTY.
  • Add ULONG type to System.Win32.Types.
  • Add function failIfNeg to System.Win32.Types, which fails if a negative number is returned. This simulates the behavior of the NT_SUCCESS macro.
  • Merged package Win32-extras (See #16)
  • Graphics.Win32.Misc.messageBox safely imported now
  • Fixed various alignment calls that were incorrect. These would result in an incorrect alignment being returned on certain platforms. (See #66) Nov 2016

  • Add windows_cconv.h to the install-includes field of Win32.cabal, allowing packages that transitively depend on Win32 to use the WINDOWS_CCONV CPP macro (which expands to stdcall or ccall appropriately depending on the system architecture)
  • Added function getLongPathName
  • Added function getShortPathName
  • Added function getUserName
  • Added file attribute fILE_ATTRIBUTE_REPARSE_POINT
  • Added more File Access Rights constants
  • Added function getCurrentProcessId
  • Added function filepathRelativePathTo
  • Added function pathRelativePathTo
  • Corrected 64 bit types (See #53) May 2016

  • Release for GHC 8.0.1
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