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Aims to assess complexity and quality of Haskell code by measuring relative length of declarations, their depth, and code-to-comment ratio.

For parsing it uses haskell-src-exts, and cppHs.

Builds across GHC versions: Build across GHC versions

Builds with Stack: CircleCI (all branches)

Shippable CI: Run Status

GitLab CI: Gitlab pipeline status

Hackage Hackage Dependencies

If you just need latest static executable it is always available here.

Official releases are on Hackage


After installing with cabal install homplexity, you might run it with filenames or directories with your Haskell source

    homplexity Main.hs src/ 

Patches and suggestions are welcome.

You may run homplexity --help to see options.

How does it work?

Homplexity is based on the idea of Metrics that are applied to various CodeFragment types extracted automatically from parsed source. Each metric is then assessed whether it crosses any thresholds, and depending on them the severity of the message is chosen.

To see all metric values, set the warning --severity to INFO.

Diagram of concepts Legend of the diagram


Changelog  Nov 2018
    * Fix missing pattern for InfixMatch.  Nov 2018
    * Fixed wrong base bounds for tests.  Nov 2018
    * Releases on GitHub release page
    * Automated Docker build  Nov 2018
    * Fix crashes on unnamed modules, and XML pages  Nov 2018
    * Relax dependencies for GHC up to 8.6
    * Build as a library  July 2016

    * Updated for haskell-src-exts-1.18.
      This release is backwards incompatible with old haskell-src-exts before 1.18.  May 2016

    * Updated bounds again.  May 2016

    * Updated deps.  Feb 2016

    * Updated bounds for GHC 8.0.  Jun 2015

    * Thanks to Mikolaj Konarski for fixing an embarrassing eternal loop due to biplate quirk.  Jun 2015

    * Compatible with GHC 7.8.  Jun 2015

    * Corrected embarassing missing module.
    * Better documentation, cleanup.  Jun 2015

    * Added number of arguments, and constructor depth.  Jun 2015

    * Configurable thresholds.  Jun 2015

    * First release on Hackage.  Jun 2015

    * First successful Travis builds. (Took a while du  to changes in Happy,
    that prevented haskell-src-exts from building.  Apr 2015

    * Put source code on GitHub.
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