Route middlewares based on the incoming Accept HTTP header, and other hints like the file extension (foo.txt) of the route requested.


This package provides many combinators for turning various data types into the response you’d expect. For instance, blaze-html gives us strictly Html data, right? We can be sure to only respond with Html-compatible requests with our toolset:

import Network.Wai.Middleware.ContentType
import Network.Wai.Trans

myMiddleware :: MiddlewareT (ReaderT Env m)

contentTypeRoutes :: Monad m =>
                     FileExtListenerT (Status -> ResponseHeaders -> Response) m ()
contentTypeRoutes = do
  blaze myBlazeResponse
  cassius myCassiusResponse
  text myTextResponse

contentMiddleware :: Monad m => MiddlewareT m
contentMiddleware app req respond =
  fileExtsToMiddleware $
    mapResponse (\f -> f status200 []) contentTypeRoutes

This library was designed for use with nested-routes, but it’s all good if you want to use it separately.

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