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Changes * Only depend on the fail package when it is needed due to GHC version. * Avoid using OverloadedStrings for Builder. * Fix normalization bug where certain combination of options would fail to add a trailing slash. Add MonadFail instance. Correct haddock spelling mistake. * Make buildable on GHC 8.2.1. * Broaden dep on base. * Add relativeRef quasi-quoter. * Add URI.ByteString.QQ and the uri quasiquoter to be able to express statically known to be valid URIs, e.g. example = [uri||]. Thanks to reactormonk. * Drop dependency on derive in tests. Internally use attoparsec's numeric parser. Raise lower bounds on attoparsec. Allow blank fragments. * Fixed bug introduced at where RelativeRefs would fail to serialize their port numbers. * Add URI normalization features. * Widen dependency on base. * Introduce URIRef, a GADT representation of absolute and relative URIs. * Fix bug wher trailing ampersand in the query section would not parse.

0.1.9 * Fix type bug in serializeRelativeRef'

0.1.8 * Fix bug where uri-encoded paths would not decode when parsed.

0.1.7 * Add bytestring serialization functions. This is a common use case and exporting these prevents the user from directly depending on blaze-builder and re-implementing these functions in every application.

0.1.6 * Add Ord instances

0.1.5 * Fix serialization bug where userinfo was not including the @ separator.

0.1.4 * Bump attoparsec bounds

0.1.3 * Include test modules in distribution

0.1.2 * Add support for GHC 7.10

0.1.1 * Switch to blaze-bytestring for less contentious dependencies

0.1 Add generic lenses (breaking field name changes). Add support for relative refs. * Make Query instance of Generic, Typeable.


  • Initial release.
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