A binding for the OpenGL graphics system

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BSD3 licensed by Sven Panne
Maintained by Sven Panne, Jason Dagit

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  • Relaxed upper version bound for containers.

  • Relaxed upper version bound for OpenGLRaw.

  • Added support for S3_s3tc, EXT_texture_compression_s3tc, ARB_texture_float, and EXT_packed_depth_stencil extensions.

  • Added Uniform instances for GLmatrix, Vertex1, Vector1, Vector2, Vector3, and Vector4.
  • Unbreak Uniform instances for GLint, GLuint and Gldouble.
  • Relaxed upper version bound for OpenGLRaw.

  • Removed redundant constraints.

  • Relaxed upper version bound for OpenGLRaw.

  • Depend on new OpenGLRaw and GLURaw packages.

  • Relaxed upper version bound for transformers.

  • Implement Uniform instances for GLint, GLuint, GLfloat, and GLdouble.

  • Aftermath for the glClearNamedFramebufferfi chaos in the OpenGL registry, see the corresponding issue on Khronos.

  • Added extensionSupported.
  • Relaxed upper version bound for OpenGLRaw.
  • Added to distribution.

  • Added missing drawing commands using vertex arrays and some related types.
  • Added missing whole framebuffer operations.
  • Added getters for stencilMaskSeparate, stencilFuncSeparate, and stencilOpSeparate, making them full-blown StateVars.
  • Added patchDefaultInnerLevel and patchDefaultOuterLevel to control the default tessellation levels.
  • Added ContextLost constructor to ErrorCategory type.
  • Added SeparateAttribs and deprecated SeperateAttribs, fixing a spelling mistake.
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