Support for manipulating Haskell source code

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BSD3 licensed by Simon Marlow, Sven Panne and Noel Winstanley
Maintained by Herbert Valerio Riedel

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The haskell-src package provides support for manipulating Haskell source code. The package provides a lexer, parser and pretty-printer, and a definition of a Haskell abstract syntax tree (AST). Common uses of this package are to parse or generate Haskell 98 code


  • Add support for MonadFail & Semigroup proposals by adding respective instances for P and Lex.

  • Drop support for GHC versions prior to GHC 7.0.

  • Remove -O2 from ghc-options.

  • Add support for GHC 7.10 & base-4.8)

  • Add missing Functor & Applicative instances for P and Lex monads needed for AMP compatibility.

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