QR code library in pure Haskell


Basic functionality to create a QRCode.

All modes are supported:

  • Numeric (digits only)
  • Alphanumeric (digits, letters and some other chars)
  • Binary / Text (ISO 8859-1 and UTF-8)
  • Kanji

There are function to create those specifically and an auto-detect.

The module Codec.QRCode has functions which creates an image out of the input.

The module Codec.QRCode.Intermediate has functions to create segments of a QRCode, join them together and finally create the image.

The core of the resulting image is an Vector of Bools, each element describing a module (“pixel”) where False is white and True is black.


Project Nayuki for https://github.com/nayuki/QR-Code-generator, which is the foundation of this package.


Changelog for qrcode-core

0.8.0 – 2019-01-xx

  • Initial release
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