RDBMSs' schema templates for relational-query

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Kei Hibino, Shohei Murayama, Shohei Yasutake, Sho KURODA
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This package contains some RDBMSs' schema structure definitions.

Supported RDBMS schemas are below:

  • IBM DB2

  • PostgreSQL

  • Microsoft SQLServer

  • SQLite3

  • Oracle

  • MySQL


  • adjust sub-directory modules of each DBMS to top module name.
  • enable addModifyTableAliasAS flag of SQLite3 configuration.
  • add custom API modules for each DBMS with appropriate configuration.

  • update tested-with.

  • update version constraint. ( along with re-versioned relational-query. )

  • apply projections with overloaded-labels to schema tables.

  • apply relational-query-0.10.0

  • apply relational-query-0.9.5

  • add tested-with 8.2.1.
  • switch 3rd number of version to separate from no-generic version.

  • Use Haskell implementation test instead of flag test in .cabal

  • Apply generic instances to schema queries.
  • Drop unused implicit imports.

  • Add tested-with.

  • Update typeMap of SQLite3 schema.

  • Get type info of network address in PostgreSQL schema.

  • Add medium-int to typeMap of MySQL schema.
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