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Module documentation for 0.17

There are no documented modules for this package.

hosc - haskell open sound control

[hosc][hosc] provides `Sound.OSC`, a [haskell][hs]
module implementing a subset of the [Open Sound Control][osc] byte protocol.
hosc is required by the [hsc3][hsc3] haskell [supercollider][sc3] bindings.

See also:

- [hosc-json](?t=hosc-json): JSON text encoding of OSC

© [rohan drape][rd], [stefan kersten][sk] and others, 2007-2018,
[gpl][gpl]. with contributions by:

- [alex mclean][am]
- [henning thielemann][ht]

see the [git]( [history](?t=hosc&q=history) for details

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