Allow aeson data types to be used with lua. https://github.com/tarleb/hslua-aeson#readme

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MIT licensed by Albert Krewinkel
Maintained by tarleb+hslua@zeitkraut.de

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Glue to hslua for aeson values.

This provides a StackValue instance for aeson’s Value type. The following conventions are used:

  • Null values are encoded as a special value (stored in the registry field HSLUA_AESON_NULL). Using nil would cause problems with null-containing arrays.

  • Objects are converted to tables in a straight-forward way.

  • Arrays are converted to Lua tables. Array-length is included as the value at index 0. This makes it possible to distinguish between empty arrays and empty objects.

  • JSON numbers are converted to Lua numbers (usually doubles), which can cause a loss of precision.


This project is licensed under the liberal MIT license, the same license under which hslua and lua itself are published. See the LICENSE file for details.




  • Update to hslua 1.0.0

  • Function registerNull has been replaced by pushNull.

    Using pushNull has the advantage that users won’t have to remember to register a special variable. Users who need a global variable can set it by running

      setglobal "HSLUA_AESON_NULL"


  • Update to hslua 0.8.0.


  • Update to hslua 0.6.0.


  • Ensure compatibility with hslua 0.5.0.
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