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SafeIO: Haskell library for safe (atomic) IO

This is a simple module, which enables writing in atomic mode. It implements the following 4 step procedure:

  1. Open a temporary file in the same directory as the final output.
  2. Write to this temporary file.
  3. Close and sync the file.
  4. Atomically rename the file to its final destination.


Direct use:

import System.IO.SafeWrite
main = do
    withOutputFile "output.txt" $ \hout -> do
        hPutStrLn hout "Hello World"

Through conduit:

import qualified Data.Conduit as C
import           Data.Conduit ((.|))
import           Data.Conduit.SafeWrite

main = C.runConduitRes $
    C.yield "Hello World" .| safeSinkFile "hello.txt"

In any case, only successful termination of the process will result in the output file being written. Early termination by throwing an exception will cause the temporary file to be removed and no output will be produced.


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Version 2018-01-18 by luispedro
* Deprecate safeSinkFile
* Add fake Windows support

Version 2017-09-07 by luispedro
* Add atomicConduitUseFile

Version 2017-07-29 by luispedro
* Fix issue with creating files in separate directories

Version 2017-05-30 by luispedro
* Add conduit version

Version 2017-05-29 by luispedro
* First version
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