Fast searching, splitting and replacing of ByteStrings

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Daniel Fischer, Chris Kuklewicz, Justin Bailey
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This package provides several functions to quickly search for substrings in strict or lazy ByteStrings. It also provides functions for breaking or splitting on substrings and replacing all occurrences of a substring (the first in case of overlaps) with another. GHC before 6.10 are no longer supported, other compilers only if they support BangPatterns. If you need it to work with other compilers, send a feature request.

- Add FlexibleContexts to allow compiling with 7.10.1
- move some INLINE pragmas to make it compile with 7.2.1
- fix error in docs
- fix typos in haddocks
- set up public repo at bitbucket
- split implementation of Boyer-Moore between strict and lazy targets
- set spec-constr-count to 4 for ghc-7
- updated email address
- relaxed constraint on containers package (no incompatible API changes)
- fix spaceleak in split due to pairs holding on to first component
- fix docs for splitKeepFront
- improved performance of old KMP searching functions (minor)
- changed behaviour for empty patterns
- changed return type to [Int] for KMP matching in strict BS
- improved performance of old BM searching functions
- (minor speedup for ordinary searches, major improvement for worst case)
- added new functionality,
- breaking, splitting and replacing
- new algorithm (DFA)
- simultaneous search for multiple patterns (KarpRabin)
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