A model for human colour/color perception

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MIT licensed by Russell O'Connor
Maintained by Russell O'Connor

Module documentation for 2.3.5

There are no documented modules for this package.

I hope for this library to become the standard colour library for Haskell.
Most software does not properly blend colours because they fail to
gamma-correct the colours before blending. Hopefully by using this library,
Haskell programs dealing with colour blending will avoid this problem.

There are some optimizing RULES pragmas that could be added to improve
preformance. If you are having performace issues with colour, please
let me know, and we will test some of these pragmas.

Bug reports and any patches are also welcome. Be warned, I haven't
extensively tested this library yet.

Russell O'Connor <>


New in version 2.3.5:
- Support for MonadFail Proposal.
- Documentation updates.

New in version 2.3.4:

- Support for Semigroup (as superclass of) Monoid Proposal.
- Add test-suite to cabal file.

New in version 2.3.3:

- Support for GHC 7.4 from Eugene Kirpichov.

New in version 2.3.2:

- Support for GHC 7.4.1 from Brent Yorgey.

- Documentation fixes.

New in version 2.3.1:

- Fixed Data.Colour.Names colour documenation.

New in version 2.3:

- black exported by Data.Colour

- CIELAB conversion functions

New in version 2.2.1:

- Additional Documenation
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