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This library provides two modules:

  • System.IO.CodePage: a cross-platform module that exports functions which adjust code pages on Windows, and do nothing on other operating systems.
  • System.Win32.CodePage: On Windows, this exports functions for getting, setting, and analyzing code pages. On other operating systems, this module exports nothing.


0.2 [2018.11.13]

  • Rename the withCodePageVerbosity function to withCodePageOptions to reflect the fact that its first argument is now an Options data type instead of just a Bool to represent its verbosity. (The ability to configure verbosity is now controlled through the chatty field of Options.)

  • On non-Windows OSes, withCodePage (and related functions) now make a best effort guess in converting the supplied CodePage to a TextEncoding and adjusing the current TextEncoding to that one. (For instance, withCP65001 will adjust the current TextEncoding to be utf8 on non-Windows OSes.) If the supplied CodePage does not map to a known TextEncoding, these functions will error at runtime on non-Windows OSes.

    This is a departure from the previous major version of code-page, where these functions did not do anything at all on non-Windows OSes. If you would like to recover this old behavior, use withCodePageOptions defaultOptions{nonWindowsBehavior = NonWindowsDoNothing}.

  • withCodePage and friends now change the locale encoding (on GHC 7.4 or later) in addition to the encodings for stdin, stdout, and stderr.

  • Add withCP1252 and cp1252 for the Latin1 code page.

  • Add a System.IO.CodePage.Internal module that contains certain internal details (such as the constructors of Options and NonWindowsBehavior).

0.1.3 [2017.03.15]

  • Fix the build on GHC 7.8 and older

0.1.2 [2017.02.20]

0.1.1 [2016.11.09]

  • Fix the build on non-Intel architectures (thanks, erikd!)

0.1 [2016.09.15]

  • Initial commit.
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