Binding between SQL database values and haskell records.

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This package contiains types to represent table constraints and interfaces to bind between SQL database values and Haskell records.


  • fix example of NameConfig customization.

  • bugfix: pass correct table name to macro for field label defintion.

  • fix changelog.
  • fix typo.

  • divide and apply product-isomorphic interfaces.
  • check width of Int type and add instances.

  • update this changelog.

  • add class dependency from ToSql to PersistableWidth.

  • add tested-with 8.2.1.

  • use Haskell implementation test instead of flag test in .cabal

  • add generic instances of FromSql, ToSql and PersistableWidth.

  • Tested with GHC 8.0.2
  • Add a small test set.

  • Export columnName of NameConfig.

  • Drop an unreferenced definition.

  • Add tested-with.

  • Apply th-data-compat.

  • Divide PersistableValue interface to FromSql and ToSql.

  • Add symbol name configurations of templates.

  • TH quotation of derive class names.
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