Haskell OAuth2 authentication client https://github.com/freizl/hoauth2

Version on this page:1.10.1
LTS Haskell 14.20:1.8.9
Stackage Nightly 2020-01-19:1.10.2
Latest on Hackage:1.10.2

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Haisheng Wu
Maintained by Haisheng Wu

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A lightweight oauth2 haskell binding.

Build example app

  • make create-keys
  • check the example/Keys.hs to make sure it’s config correctly for the IdP you’re going to test. (client id, client secret, oauth Urls etc)
  • make build
  • make demo
  • open http://localhost:9988


  • assume cabal-install has been install (either globally or in nix store)
  • nix-shell then could do cabal v2- build
  • or nix-build


Feel free send pull request or submit issue ticket.