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Changelog for color

  • Fix introduced in 0.1.2 for Alpha cs was incomplete and is fixed in this version without breakage.

0.1.3 (deprecated)

  • Addition of CMCCAT2000.
  • Rename CIECAM02 to CIECAT02 with a fallback synonym for backwards compatibility
  • Fix ColorSpace instance for Alpha cs
  • Add ColorSpace instances for YCbCr cs color spaces that have Luma instance: BT709, BT601_525 and BT601_625


  • Fix YCbCr conversion to derived RGB color spaces
  • Fix conversion of toWord64 (1 :: Double) and toWord632 (1 :: Float).
  • Addition of xyzColorMatchingFunctions and spectralPowerDistributions


  • Addition of Graphics.Color.Illuminant.Wikipedia module
  • Addition of convertColor and convertColorFloat functions


Initial alpha release

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