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Module documentation for 0.1.0

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cabal-file is a library on top of the hackage-security library for accessing cabal files and versions, and also a small tool for getting and comparing .cabal files.

Since it accesses package and .cabal file data directly from the local Hackage repo cache index tar archive under ~/.cabal/ it is quite fast.


List versions of a package:

$ cblfile list pandoc

Diff .cabal files of package versions

$ cblfile diff pandoc 2.8
--- pandoc-2.8.cabal    2020-05-24 19:47:58.487921450 +0800
+++ pandoc-        2020-05-24 19:47:58.487921450 +0800
@@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
 name:            pandoc
-version:         2.8
 cabal-version:   2.0

Latest version of a package:

$ cblfile latest extra

Timestamp for the latest .cabal file (or for a specific version):

$ cblfile date dhall
2020-05-19 02:18:01 UTC

Save a .cabal file (latest or specific version)

$ cblfile get purescript
$ ls purescript.cabal

Check package source metadata:

$ cblfile metadata tls-1.5.4
Size: 150171
SHA256 Hash "ce42bfa581a50f62776581da4b86408ebb1a51bc6cb2f95ad0a2ac7caa19a437"

Depends output

cblfile depends outputs quite verbose package dependency lists.


For library documentation see the Hackage.Index documentation.

For example usage see app/Cmds.hs.


If you want full diffs of Hackage sources you can try out cabal-diff from cabal-extras.


Revision history for cabal-file

0.1.0 – 2020-05-24

  • initial release
  • cblfile commands: diff (second), list, latest, files, get, date, show, metadata, preferred, depends (oldest code)
  • Hackage.Index library module