Efficient lazy parsers for CSV (comma-separated values).

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Malcolm Wallace, Ian Lynagh
Maintained by Malcolm Wallace

The CSV format is defined by RFC 4180. These efficient lazy parsers (String and ByteString variants) can report all CSV formatting errors, whilst also returning all the valid data, so the user can choose whether to continue, to show warnings, or to halt on error. Valid fields retain information about their original location in the input, so a secondary parser from textual fields to typed values can give intelligent error messages.


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lazy-csv change log

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<h1>lazy-csv change log</h1>

<h3>Release 0.5</h3>
<li> Bugfix when encountering CR-only line-endings.
<li> Bugfix when encountering multi-duplicate headers.

<h3>Release 0.4</h3>
<li> First public release.

<h3>Release 0.3</h3>
<li> Validation now reports duplicate headers
<li> De-duplicate headers when repairing an incorrect file.

<h3>Release 0.2</h3>
<li> Repair fields containing newlines.
<li> csvTableFull, adds padding to short rows.
<li> Export mkCSVField API.

<h3>Release 0.1</h3>
<li> Initial (non-public) release.