MIT licensed by Chris Martin
Maintained by Chris Martin, Julie Moronuki
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This package helps you make requests to the Stripe API in conjunction with the wreq package. This is a minimal library that makes no attempt obscure either its underpinnings in Wreq or any of the details of the Stripe API. Responses are returned as aeson values.


Changelog - 2018-12-20

  • Initial release - 2019-09-30


  • Functions get', post', delete' with a new RequestApiVersion parameter. - 2020-04-18

Tightened dependency version bounds - 2020-05-20

Support GHC 8.10 - 2021-02-10

Raise bound to allow aeson-1.5 - 2021-03-08

Raise bound to allow lens-5.0 - 2021-06-05

Support GHC 9.0, bytestring 0.11 - 2021-11-16

Support aeson 2.0, drop support for previous versions

Support lens 5.1 - 2022-03-15

Support base 4.16 (GHC 9.2)

Raise base lower bound to 4.14 (GHC 8.10)

Raise lens lower bound to 5.0