BSD-3-Clause licensed by Yuji Yamamoto
Maintained by [email protected]
This version can be pinned in stack with:wss-client-,1985

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A-little-higher-level WebSocket client library.
Thanks to http-client and http-client-tls, this package supports HTTP_PROXY environment variable and TLS.


  • Support non-TLS connection via an HTTP proxy server (I have to add one more API to http-client to check if the connection is proxied package to do that).
  • Add APIs to modify config of both http-client and websockets.


An example program is here: app/sample.hs.
Build the executable by enabling build-sample flag:

stack unpack wss-client
cd wss-client-*
stack init
stack build wss-client --flag wss-client:build-sample
stack exec wss-client-sample