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Miniterion is a lightweight Haskell cabal package containing utilities for writing benchmark codes. The package has an API subset of criterion package, so switching to other benchmark packages (criterion, gauge, and tasty-bench) should be easily done.

As in criterion, the executable built with the defaultMain function supports selecting the running benchmarks with prefix match, case insensitive prefix match, substring match, or glob pattern match via the command line option. Invoke the benchmark executable with --help option to see other available options.


The goal of the miniterion package is to have a reasonably useful and lightweight benchmarking utility with a small amount of maintenance costs.

The miniterion package is designed to have a small number of package dependencies. At the time of writing, the dependency packages are only two: base and deepseq. The miniterion package does not have rich features, but compared to other benchmarking packages, the package and benchmark executable should compile faster, and the resulting benchmark executable should be smaller.


The following shows a simple benchmark with a naive Fibonacci function.

In cabal configuration:

benchmark fibo
    default-language: Haskell2010
    type:             exitcode-stdio-1.0
    hs-source-dirs:   bench
    main-is:          Main.hs
    build-depends:    base
                    , miniterion 

And in file bench/Main.hs:

module Main where

import Miniterion

fib :: Integer -> Integer
fib m | m < 0 = error "negative!"
      | otherwise = go m
    go 0 = 0
    go 1 = 1
    go n = go (n-1) + go (n-2)

main :: IO ()
main = defaultMain [
  bgroup "fib" [ bench "1" $ whnf fib 1
               , bench "5" $ whnf fib 5
               , bench "9" $ whnf fib 9
               , bench "11" $ whnf fib 11

then compile and run the benchmark with cabal bench:

$ cabal bench
Build profile: -w ghc-9.6.2 -O1
In order, the following will be built (use -v for more details):
 - miniterion- (bench:fibo) (first run)
Preprocessing benchmark 'fibo' for miniterion-
Building benchmark 'fibo' for miniterion-
Running 1 benchmarks...
Benchmark fibo: RUNNING...
benchmarking fib/1
mean                 13.58 ns
std dev              686.0 ps

benchmarking fib/5
mean                 216.6 ns
std dev              15.78 ns

benchmarking fib/9
mean                 1.586 μs
std dev              89.60 ns

benchmarking fib/11
mean                 4.175 μs
std dev              92.17 ns

Benchmark fibo: FINISH


$ cabal run -- fibo --help

to see the help message.


Revision history for miniterion – 2023-09

  • Update version bounds of deepseq.

  • Reorder exported entities.

  • Add “dev” flag for internal development of miniterion.

  • Some documentation updates. – 2023-09-15

  • Initial release.