BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Jens Petersen
This version can be pinned in stack with:koji-tool-1.1.1@sha256:a77c474bd22095bd330f0d3f8dbcaa3447410b3eae030ed38960a6441de65bb0,3239

Module documentation for 1.1.1

There are no documented modules for this package.


A CLI UI to the Koji buildsystem with commands to query builds and tasks, install rpms, and check buildlog sizes.

Koji is the RPM package buildsystem used by Fedora Linux, CentOS Stream, RHEL, and some other projects.

By default Fedora Koji is used.

A few illustrative examples:

koji-tool tasks --mine --latest --state fail --tail: shows details of your last buildArch failure and the tail of the build.log (equivalently you can use koji-tool find my last fail).

koji-tool install systemd: will try to install or update to the newest rpm packages from koji.

koji-tool builds -L -s complete firefox: shows the last successful build with a url and other details.


$ koji-tool --version


$ koji-tool --help

Query and track Koji tasks, and install rpms from Koji.

Usage: koji-tool [--version] COMMAND


Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  --version                Show version

Available commands:
  builds                   Query Koji builds (by default lists the most recent
  tasks                    Query Koji tasks (by default lists the most recent
                           buildArch tasks)
  latest                   Query latest Koji build for tag
  install                  Install rpm packages directly from a Koji build task
  progress                 Track running Koji tasks by buildlog size
  buildlog-sizes           Show buildlog sizes for nvr patterns
  find                     Simple quick common queries using words like: [my,
                           last, fail, complete, current, build, detail,
                           install, tail, notail, hwinfo, x86_64, PACKAGE,
                           USER\'s, LIMIT]

koji-tool builds

Query Koji for builds.

Somewhat like koji list-builds --quiet ..., but it shows duration, and kojiweb urls. It uses date to parse a specified date string and can use an NVR glob pattern to select builds.

Note results are ordered by build_id (not time) for speed.


By default lists up to 10 Fedora Koji builds.

$ koji-tool builds --help

Usage: koji-tool builds [-H|--hub HUB] [(-u|--user USER) | (-M|--mine)]
                        [(-L|--latest) | (-l|--limit INT)] [-s|--state STATE]
                        [(-B|--before TIMESTAMP) | (-F|--from TIMESTAMP)]
                        [-T|--type TYPE] [(-d|--details) | (-t|--tasks)]
                        [-i|--install INSTALLOPTS] [-D|--debug]
                        [(-b|--build NVR/BUILDID) | (-p|--pattern NVRPAT) |

  Query Koji builds (by default lists the most recent builds)

Available options:
  -H,--hub HUB             KojiHub shortname or url (HUB = fedora, stream,
                           rpmfusion, or URL) [default: fedora]
  -u,--user USER           Koji user
  -M,--mine                Your tasks (krb fasid)
  -L,--latest              Latest build
  -l,--limit INT           Maximum number of builds to show [default: 10]
  -s,--state STATE         Filter builds by state
  -B,--before TIMESTAMP    Builds completed before timedate [default: now]
  -F,--from TIMESTAMP      Builds completed after timedate
  -T,--type TYPE           Select builds by type: all,image,maven,module,rpm,win
  -d,--details             Show more build details
  -t,--tasks               Show details and tasks
  -i,--install INSTALLOPTS Install the package with 'install' options
  -D,--debug               Pretty-print raw XML result
  -b,--build NVR/BUILDID   Show build
  -p,--pattern NVRPAT      Builds matching glob pattern
  -h,--help                Show this help text


$ koji-tool builds -M -s fail

lists your recent builds that failed.

List latest build of a package:

$ koji-tool builds --pattern redhat-rpm-config*.fc37 --latest

redhat-rpm-config-218-1.fc37 BuildComplete
Start: Thu May  5 19:02:33 +08 2022
End:   Thu May  5 19:04:26 +08 2022
duration: 0h 1m 53s

koji-tool tasks

Query Koji for tasks.

Somewhat like koji list-tasks --quiet --all ..., but it shows duration, kojiweb urls and build.log size, and it uses date to parse a specified date string and can filter task results by package or nvr prefix.

Note results are ordered by task id (not time) for speed.


By default it lists 10 most recent Fedora Koji buildArch tasks.

$ koji-tool tasks --help

Usage: koji-tool tasks [-H|--hub HUB] [(-u|--user USER) | (-M|--mine)]
                       [(-L|--latest) | (-l|--limit INT)] [-s|--state STATE]
                       [-a|--arch ARCH]
                       [(-B|--before TIMESTAMP) | (-F|--from TIMESTAMP)]
                       [-m|--method METHOD] [-D|--debug]
                       [(-P|--only-package PKG) | (-N|--only-nvr PREFIX)]
                       [-d|--details] [-T|--tail] [--hw-info] [-g|--grep STRING]
                       [(-b|--build BUILD) | (-p|--pattern NVRPAT) |

  Query Koji tasks (by default lists the most recent buildArch tasks)

Available options:
  -H,--hub HUB             KojiHub shortname or url (HUB = fedora, stream,
                           rpmfusion, or URL) [default: fedora]
  -u,--user USER           Koji user
  -M,--mine                Your tasks (krb fasid)
  -L,--latest              Latest build or task
  -l,--limit INT           Maximum number of tasks to show [default: 10]
  -s,--state STATE         Filter tasks by state
  -a,--arch ARCH           Task arch
  -B,--before TIMESTAMP    Tasks completed before timedate [default: now]
  -F,--from TIMESTAMP      Tasks completed after timedate
  -m,--method METHOD       Select tasks by method (default 'buildArch'):
  -D,--debug               Pretty-print raw XML result
  -P,--only-package PKG    Filter task results to specified package
  -N,--only-nvr PREFIX     Filter task results by NVR prefix
  -d,--details             Show more details of builds
  -T,--tail                Fetch the tail of build.log
  --hw-info                Fetch hw_info.log
  -g,--grep STRING         Filter matching log lines
  -b,--build BUILD         List child tasks of build
  -p,--pattern NVRPAT      Build tasks of matching pattern
  -h,--help                Show this help text


$ koji-tool tasks -M -a aarch64 -s fail

lists your recent arm64 tasks that failed.

Show latest newRepo task:

$ koji-tool tasks --method newrepo --latest

eln-build newRepo TaskClosed
Start: Mon May  9 11:53:53 +08 2022
End:   Mon May  9 11:57:13 +08 2022
duration: 0h 3m 20s

List latest package build’s tasks:

$ koji-tool tasks --latest redhat-rpm-config

redhat-rpm-config-218-1.eln118.noarch TaskClosed (parent: 86685296)
Start: Fri May  6 00:11:10 +08 2022
End:   Fri May  6 00:13:07 +08 2022
duration: 0h 1m 57s (13kB)

It is also possible to install packages from a task using --install "SUBPKG OPTIONS". See the install command documentation below for more details.

Use --tail to show the tail of the build.log: it falls back to root.log automatically if the build.log is considered too small. Use --hw-info to display hw_info.log instead. Also using the --grep option one can filter the log output for lines matching the given string (accepts leading ^ and trailing $).

koji-tool install

Download and install rpms from a Koji build or task.

By default it only downloads binaries of already-installed subpackages, but there are options to list and select or exclude specific subpackages.

Note this command is intended for development and testing purposes and should not be necessary/used normally on production systems, but it can be very helpful for quickly testing an specific package build or update locally.


$ koji-tool install podman

will download the latest build for your Fedora version, and try to install it. Use --disttag suffix to select a different Fedora version.

$ koji-tool install TASKID --except "*-devel"

will install all the non-devel subpackages from the task.

A more complex example:

$ koji-tool install google-noto-fonts --prefix google-noto --package 'sans-*-vf-fonts' --exclude 'sans-*-ui-vf-fonts'

installs all the Google Noto Sans variable fonts excluding UI faces.

One can use --hub to specify a different Koji hub build service.

Selecting subpackages

By default only installed subpackages are downloaded and updated, but the following options change the behavior:

--package: select subpackages by name or glob pattern

--except: select subpackages not matching name or glob pattern

--exclude: exclude subpackages by name or glob pattern (overrides –package and –except)

--include: include subpackages by name or glob pattern (overrides –exclude)

--all: install all subpackages

--ask: ask about each subpackage

--prefix: override the subpackage prefix

Subpackage selection has only been tested so far for a single build/task.


$ koji-tool install --help

Usage: koji-tool install [-n|--dry-run] [-D|--debug] [-y|--yes] [-H|--hub HUB]
                         [-P|--packages-url URL] [-l|--list] [-L|--latest]
                         [--rpm | --rpm-ostree | --dnf5 | --dnf3]
                         [-a|--arch ARCH]
                         [(-N|--no-reinstall) | (-S|--skip-existing)]
                         [-b|--prefix SUBPKGPREFIX]
                         [--all | --ask | [-p|--package SUBPKG]
                           [-e|--except SUBPKG] [-x|--exclude SUBPKG]
                           [-i|--include SUBPKG]] [-d|--disttag DISTTAG]
                         [(-R|--nvr) | (-V|--nv)] PKG|NVR|TASKID...

  Install rpm packages directly from a Koji build task

Available options:
  -n,--dry-run             Don't actually download anything
  -D,--debug               More detailed output
  -y,--yes                 Assume yes to questions
  -H,--hub HUB             KojiHub shortname or url (HUB = fedora, stream,
                           rpmfusion, or URL) [default: fedora]
  -P,--packages-url URL    KojiFiles packages url [default: Fedora]
  -l,--list                List builds
  -L,--latest              Latest build
  -t,--check-remote-time   Check remote rpm timestamps
  --rpm                    Use rpm instead of dnf
  --rpm-ostree             Use rpm-ostree instead of dnf
  --dnf5                   Use dnf5 to install
  --dnf3                   Use dnf-3 to install [default dnf unless ostree]
  -a,--arch ARCH           Task arch
  -N,--no-reinstall        Do not reinstall existing NVRs
  -S,--skip-existing       Ignore already installed subpackages (implies
  -b,--prefix SUBPKGPREFIX Prefix to use for subpackages [default: base package]
  --all                    all subpackages [default if not installed]
  --ask                    ask for each subpackage
  -p,--package SUBPKG      select subpackage (glob) matches
  -e,--except SUBPKG       select subpackages not matching (glob)
  -x,--exclude SUBPKG      deselect subpackage (glob): overrides -p and -e
  -i,--include SUBPKG      additional subpackage (glob) to install: overrides -x
  -d,--disttag DISTTAG     Select a disttag different to system
  -R,--nvr                 Give an N-V-R instead of package name
  -V,--nv                  Give an N-V instead of package name
  -h,--help                Show this help text

koji-tool find

This provides shortcuts to a few select common searches


koji-tool find my builds shows your 10 most recent koji builds (equivalent to koji-tool builds --mine)

koji-tool find my last fail shows your most recent task failure including the tail of the build.log (equivalent to koji-tool tasks -MLT -s fail).

koji-tool find last complete build shows the latest completed koji build (equivalent to koji-tool builds -L -s complete).


$ koji-tool find
koji-tool: find handles these words:

my mine
last latest
fail failure failed
complete completed completion close closed finish finished
current building open
build builds
detail details detailed
x86_64 aarch64 ppc64le s390x i686 armv7hl

koji-tool progress

Shows the progress of active koji builds tasks by checking the size of their build.log files.

This is useful for monitoring the build progress of large packages that take a long time to complete for which some arch’s may take considerably longer.

By default it shows progress of the user’s open build tasks.


$ koji-tool progress
$ koji-tool progress 93808251  # ← Koji taskid
21:39:41 webkitgtk-2.38.2-1.eln123 (93808251) 9h 32m
aarch64  87,669kB (16:50:31)  3h 55m TaskClosed
i386     88,120kB (16:33:14)  4h 21m TaskClosed
noarch        3kB (12:11:19)  3m 28s TaskClosed SRPM
ppc64le  85,853kB (21:25:42)
s390x    87,692kB (21:20:43)  9h 11m TaskClosed
x86_64   89,914kB (19:57:47)  7h 48m TaskClosed

21:47:57 webkitgtk-2.38.2-1.eln123 (93808251) 89914kB, 9h 40m
ppc64le  88,117kB (21:47:21) [  1,742 B/s] (1299s)


The buildlog-sizes command is similar but runs once over nvr patterns.


koji-tool is packaged in Fedora

Building from git/source

Either use cabal-install or stack. Either way you need a ghc compiler installed, of course.

Build from source with cabal

With cabal, you can save a lot of time by first running cabal-rpm builddep to install distro deps, and then:

$ cabal install

Build from source with stack

$ stack init --resolver lts
$ stack install


koji-tool is distributed under a BSD license.

Bug reports, suggestions and contributions are welcomed: please open an issue at:


Version history of koji-tool

1.1.1 (2023-10-20)

  • ‘builds’: reformat short build result to align better
  • ‘install’: detect ostree with “/sysroot/ostree” not rpm-ostree
  • ‘tasks’: reorder output format for better alignment
  • Time compactZonedTime: add space before timezone

1.1 (2023-07-22)

  • tasks: now shows children of ‘build’ task
  • install: correctly handle arch for installed packages (#4)
  • install: support dnf5 and dnf-3 (default dnf)
  • use simple-prompt

1.0.1 (2023-05-08)

  • ‘install’ now supports multiple arch options (#4)
  • ‘find’: interpret small number as a limit (default still 10 results)

1.0 (2023-04-24)

  • ‘builds’: fix –install to use nvr instead of taskid
  • ‘install’: allow installing from an ongoing build; add kojiGetBuildTaskRPMs
  • ‘install’: change download dir to (xdg) ~/Downloads/koji-tool/
  • ‘install’: curl don’t need/print progress for debug
  • ‘install’: error if no rpms found
  • ‘install’ now supports –arch option
  • ‘progress’: correctly use parent taskid when given child id
  • ‘progress’: drop redundant duplicate debug option
  • ‘progress’: when given build don’t query with state/method/user
  • ‘progress’: improve size formatting
  • ‘progress’: no longer hide archs nor repeat output when no progress
  • ‘tasks’: improved request logic
  • ‘tasks’: increase log tail size to 6000B
  • ‘tasks’: bump root.log threshold to <4000
  • ‘tasks’: separate taskid errors for –user, time, and filter
  • ‘buildlog-sizes’: handle ongoing builds and show build states
  • ‘buildlog-sizes’: try appending a * to pattern: might be a package name
  • DownloadDir: simplify the logic considerably
  • Install installRPMs: revert to old 0.9.5 reinstall behavior
  • base times off create_time rather than start_time
  • getTasks factored from tasksCmd for progress; lookupTime changes

0.9.6 (2022-11-05)

  • install: completely rework subpackage selection logic
  • install: separate –except from –exclude and rename –add to –include
  • install: –no-reinstall and –skip-existing skip rpms before rpms selection
  • install: show installed states with character symbol prefixes
  • tasks: add –hw-info for hw_info.log and –grep to filter logs
  • progress: back-off up to 5 times

0.9.5 (2022-09-12)

  • ‘install’: fix determination of package name from srpm
  • ‘progress’: correctly determine NVR from srpm again

0.9.4 (2022-09-09)

  • ‘install’: rework install logic to combine reinstall and install pkgs
  • ‘install’: do not choose rebuildSRPM subtask
  • ‘install’: show correct top download dir
  • ‘install’: –add to specify additional package
  • ‘install’: change rpms prompt to require Enter for consistency with dnf
  • ‘progress’: another major logic refactor: determine poll delay from last-modified time
  • ‘progress’: skip wait for a build.log after [1..6] sec tries
  • ‘progress’: put interval times into task outputs
  • ‘progress’: only print task header if updated task outputs

0.9.3 (2022-08-03)

  • ‘builds’ for a package now use specified query options
  • ‘builds’: add –install and –tasks options
  • ‘install’: –exclude globs now filter –package globs
  • ‘install’: update installed subpackages first then install any new subpkgs
  • ‘install’: separate prompt logic for “install above” packages
  • ‘install’: experimental support for rpm-ostree overlaying (–rpm-ostree)
  • ‘install’: allow noarch tasks
  • ‘install’: allow package filtering in –list mode
  • ‘install’: –skip-existing to leave already installed subpackages untouched
  • ‘progress’ records the largest finished build.log size
  • ‘progress’: exclude srpm from max log sizes
  • ‘progress’: show pkg name instead of “unknown” nvr early on
  • ‘progress’: only use current time if task unfinished
  • ‘tasks’: fix output url selection for scratch builds
  • ‘tasks’: check build.log exists before getting its size
  • make parsing of states strict for earlier errors
  • error if koji userid not found

0.9.2 (2022-06-12)

  • tasks –install now takes install options string
  • install: place rpms in a nvr subdirectory
  • install: when downloading check if local files’ timestamp within build time
  • progress: no longer quit after srpm build
  • progress: show duration of build and finished tasks

0.9.1 (2022-05-29)

  • ‘find’: add “install”, “tail”, “notail”, and archs support
  • ‘install’: –rpm option to install directly with rpm instead of dnf
  • ‘tasks’: add –install option
  • ‘tasks’: major rework of the log file handling
  • ‘tasks –tail’: fix output when task still running
  • ‘tasks’: compact output shows duration
  • ‘builds’: now outputs packages archive url

0.9 (2022-05-20)

  • rename ‘quick’ command to ‘find’
  • ‘builds’: compact output now appends url
  • ‘find’: add “details” word

0.8.7 (2022-05-14)

‘quick’ enhancements:

  • better help
  • support “current” state for ongoing jobs
  • –debug flag
  • an extra unknown word is now taken to be a package name
  • append “'s” to a username to search for their build tasks

0.8.6 (2022-05-13)

  • new ‘quick’ command for a few limited common searchs
  • install: –prefix to set subpackage prefix if different to package basename
  • install: fix infinite loop when no match for subpackage glob

0.8.5 (2022-05-10)

  • use rpm-nvr-0.1.2 for better NVR and NVRA parsing ensuring non-empty names
  • when parsing koji build request fields, detect git hash and fork builds

0.8.4 (2022-05-09)

  • Install: completely rework logic using installed status and NVRA etc
  • install: ‘–no-reinstall’ replaces ‘–reinstall-nvrs’
  • install: determine package name from child or parent task
  • Install: confirm for –all and –exclude, respecting –yes
  • tasks: parse taskid as arg and drop –task and –children
  • Tasks: print parent Task taskid compactly and then its children

0.8.3 (2022-04-23)

  • ‘latest’: new cmd to list latest package build for tag
  • ‘install’: use –reinstall-nvrs to reinstall rpms for current nvr
  • ‘install’: now prompts before proceeding
  • ‘install’: handle build tasks by finding buildArch
  • ‘install’: –list now always lists rpms

0.8.2 (2022-03-28)

  • use the formatting library for rendering aligned output

0.8.1 (2022-03-21)

  • query results ordered by taskid or buildid for speed
  • ‘builds’, ‘tasks’: argument is now a package otherwise use –pattern (replaces –package)
  • ‘install’: add a –yes option to avoid questions (#2)
  • print archs appended with ‘.’ prefix

0.8 (2022-03-02)

  • rename ‘query’ to ‘tasks’
  • ‘tasks’: new ‘–tail’ option to fetch and display tail of build.log (shows root.log instead if build.log is too small)
  • ‘tasks’: extend list of methods and list them in –method help
  • new ‘builds’ query command (replaces ‘tasks’ builds listing)
  • only query print date when option given by user
  • –debug now displays query options
  • ‘tasks’ and ‘builds’ now use –hub like ‘install’
  • new –mine (self-user) option (instead of defaulting to mine)
  • ‘tasks’ and ‘builds’ support build NVR pattern search (requires Koji 1.24+)
  • ‘tasks’ and ‘builds’ have –details option otherwise output is compact (unless there is a single result)

0.7 (2022-01-25)

  • query: new options: ‘–package’ to search recent builds and ‘–latest’
  • query –method: now defaults to buildArch (use ‘any’ to include all)
  • query: now defaults to “–before now” (instead of “–from today 00:00”)
  • query –arch: map i686 to i386 and armv7hl to armhfp
  • query: do not drop tasks without string request

0.6.1 (2022-01-14)

  • install –list: now lists the rpms of a unique nvr
  • install –list: new –latest option which only finds the latest build
  • install –nv: now actually looks for N-V nor N-V-R
  • install –exclude: don’t exclude subpackage when a rpm package matches

0.6 (2022-01-13)

  • renamed from koji-install to koji-tool, which combines koji-query and koji-progress
  • subcommands are ‘install’, ‘query’, ‘progress’, and ‘buildlog-sizes’
  • ‘query’ now has separate before/after options: –before and –from
  • ‘query’ now defaults to ‘–from 00:00’ and supports days of week & today/yesterday timedates
  • ‘query’ now limits to 10 results by default in descending order
  • ‘install’ now uses a single curl invocation to download multiple rpms

Release history for koji-install

0.5 (2021-12-27)

  • –package and –exclude filters can now be combined
  • –package and –exclude now also check subpackage names without base prefix

0.4 (2021-12-20)

  • support installing/listing by koji taskid
  • select subpackages with –package and –exclude, by name or globbing
  • check remote files date/size with http-directory
  • listing a task either lists the task’s children or rpms
  • use dnf reinstall for installed packages and otherwise localinstall
  • more detailed debug output
  • system arch no longer hardcoded to x86_64

0.3 (2021-12-03)

  • add --list command to list recent builds
  • fix bug in generating kojifiles url from short name
  • workarounds for rpmfusion’s older koji not supporting patterns
  • check if %dist is defined

0.2.0 (2021-12-03)

  • initial Hackage release
  • --hub to select hub
  • --pkgsurl to override kojifiles url
  • override --disttag
  • select specific build with --nvr or --nv
  • --debug output

0.1.0 (2021-08-12)

  • pre-release on copr
  • initial options: –all/–ask/–base-only/–exclude-devel –dry-run
  • only supports Fedora Koji