BSD-3-Clause licensed by Duncan Coutts, Nicolas Wu, Edsko de Vries, Alexander Vershilov
Maintained by Facundo Domínguez
This version can be pinned in stack with:network-transport-inmemory-0.5.4@sha256:e975dcffabb71f7c3318c34401bdee88d47896eb867a6d7180079cf465209cb9,2685

Module documentation for 0.5.4

This is a transport implementation that could be used for local communication in the same address space (i.e. one process).

It could be used either for testing purposes or for local communication that require the network-transport semantics.

NB: network-tranpsport-inmemory does not support cross-transport communication. All endpoints that want to comminicate should be created using the same transport.