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Maintained by Mark Karpov
This version can be pinned in stack with:megaparsec-tests-9.6.1@sha256:b4f58195ceed0050c77c434c3f73293606e2da39420493c25ce18bc186adcc6f,2734

Module documentation for 9.6.1

Megaparsec tests

Megaparsec’s test suite as a standalone package. The reason for the separation is that we can avoid circular dependency on hspec-megaparsec and thus avoid keeping copies of its source files in our test suite, as we had to do before. Another benefit is that we can export some auxiliary functions in megaparsec-tests which can be used by other test suites, for example in the parser-combinators-tests package.

The version number of megaparsec-tests will be kept in sync with versions of megaparsec from now on.


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