Generic vectors with statically known size.

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BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Aleksey Khudyakov
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Generic library for vectors with statically known size. Implementation is based on Same functions could be used to work with both ADT based vector like

data Vec3 a = a a a

Tuples are vectors too:

sum (1,2,3)

Vectors which are represented internally by arrays are provided by library. Both boxed and unboxed arrays are supported.

Library is structured as follows:

  • Data.Vector.Fixed Generic API. It's suitable for both ADT-based vector like Complex and array-based ones.

  • Data.Vector.Fixed.Cont Continuation based vectors. Internally all functions use them.

  • Data.Vector.Fixed.Mutable Type classes for array-based implementation and API for working with mutable state.

  • Data.Vector.Fixed.Unboxed Unboxed vectors.

  • Data.Vector.Fixed.Boxed Boxed vector which can hold elements of any type.

  • Data.Vector.Fixed.Storable Unboxed vectors of Storable types.

  • Data.Vector.Fixed.Primitive Unboxed vectors based on pritimive package.


Changes in

  • Pattern V1 added

  • COMPLETE pragmas added for patterns V1,V2,V3,V4

Changes in

  • Newtype StorableViaFixed for deriving Storable instances added.

Changes in

  • Fixed bug in any (#18)

Changes in

  • Support for GHC7.10 dropped.

  • Pattern synonyms V2,V3,V4 added.

  • replicate{,M} and generate{,M} added.

  • Functions mk6, mk7, mk8 added.

Changes in

  • Show instance for data type now respect precedence.

Changes in

  • GHC8.4 compatibility release. Semigroup instances added and semigroup dependency added for GHC7.10

Changes in

  • Vector length now expressed as GHC’s type level literals. Underlying implementation still uses Peano numbers to perform induction. This doesn’t change user facing API much. Notably FlexibleInstances and GADTs/TypeFamiles are now required to write Arity constraint.

  • Monad constraint is relaxed to Applicative where applicable. Duplicate functions are removed (sequence & sequenceAsequence, etc)

  • Module Data.Vector.Fixed.Monomorphic is dropped.

  • Construction of N-ary vectors reworked. Make type class is gone.

  • Boxed arrays now use SmallArrays internally.

  • overlaps is removed from API for mutable vectors.

  • Data.Vector.Fixed.defaultRnf is added.

  • Data.Vector.Fixed.Mutable.lengthI is dropped.

Changes in

  • Simplification of Arity type class. This change shouldn’t affect client code.

  • Support for GHC < 7.8 is droppped.

  • Fixed bug in any.

Changes in

  • find function added.

Changes in

  • NFData instances for all data type.

  • Storable instances for all data types and default implementation of Storable’s methods added.

  • {i,}zipWith3 and {i,}zipWithM_ added.

Changes in

  • GHC 7.10 support

Changes in

  • Type level addition for unary numbers added

  • concat function added

  • More consistent naming for functions for working with Fun

Changes in

  • Isomorphism between Peano numbers and Nat added. (GHC >= 7.8)

Changes in

  • Documentation fixes.

Changes in

  • Left scans added.

Changes in

  • Vec1 type synonym for boxed/unboxed/etc. vectors added.

  • Vector instance for Data.Typeable.Proxy (GHC >= 7.8)

Changes in

  • GHC 7.8 support

Changes in

  • distribute collect and their monadic variants added.

Changes in

  • Data instance for all array-based vectors added.

  • Storable instance added for Storable.Vec.

  • Monoid instances added for all vectors.

Changes in

  • Zero-element vector Empty'is added.

Changes in

  • ContVec now behaves like normal vector. Arity type class is reworked. `Id’ data type is removed.

  • Construction of vector reworked.

  • reverse, snoc, consV, fold and foldMap are added.

  • Type changing maps and zips are added.

  • Vector indexing with type level numbers is added.

  • Twan van Laarhoven’s lens added. (element and elementTy)

  • Ord instances added to vector data types defined in the library.

Changes in

  • Functor and Applicative instances are added to Id.

Changes in

  • Typeable instance for S and Z added.

Changes in

  • 1-tuple Only added.

  • fromList' and fromListM added.

  • apply functions from Arity type class generalized.

Changes in

  • cons function added.

  • Getter for Fun data type added.

Changes in

  • Wrapper for monomorphics vectors is added.

  • VecList is reimplemented as GADT and constructors are exported.

  • Constructor of ContVecT is exported

  • Empty ContVecT is implemented as empty.

  • Typeable, Foldable and Traversable instances are added where appropriate

Changes in

  • Vector type class definition is moved to the D.V.F.Cont module.

  • Indexing function restored.

  • unfoldr added.

Changes in

  • Continuation-based vector added.

  • Right fold added.

  • tailWith, convertContinuation, and ! from Data.Vector.Fixed removed.

  • Vector instance for tuples added.

Changes in 0.1.2

  • imap, imapM, ifoldl, ifoldM, zipWithM, izipWithM functions are added.

  • VectorN type class added.

Changes in 0.1.1

  • foldM and tailWith added. Type synonyms for numbers up to 6 are added. Fun is reexported from Data.Vector.Fixed.