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1.1.2 [2018-02-06]

  • Don’t enable Safe on GHC 7.2.


  • Backported a more efficient Binary instance for Nat
  • Allow binary-0.8


  • Backported Lift instances.


  • Make nats a compat-package since Numeric.Natural moved to base-


  • Better readsPrec handling when you try to feed it a negative number. Not it is a failed parse rather than an error.


  • Added Hashable and Data support.

  • Will build as full-fledged Safe Haskell if you configure with -f-hashable, merely Trustworthy otherwise.

  • Allow for manual removal of the hashable dependency to support advanced sandbox users who explicitly want to avoid compiling certain dependencies they know they aren’t using.

    We will fix bugs caused by any combination of these package flags, but the API of the package should be considered the default build configuration with all of the package dependency flags enabled.


  • Added support for GHC 7.8’s bitSizeMaybe


  • Repository Initialized moving Numeric.Natural from semigroups 0.8.6