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FFT Component for the Accelerate Array Language

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FFT library for the embedded array language Accelerate. This will use optimised backend implementations where available. For details on Accelerate, refer to the main repository.


Change Log

Notable changes to the project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and the project adheres to the Haskell Package Versioning Policy (PVP) - 2018-04-03


  • update for AoS representation of complex numbers
  • improve pure FFT implementation


Special thanks to those who contributed patches as part of this release:

  • Trevor L. McDonell (@tmcdonell)
  • Rinat Striungis (@Haskell-mouse) - 2017-09-21


  • build against FFTW and cuFFT foreign implementations by default


  • fix to ignore sh parameter in inverse mode (#5)


  • Drop support for (deprecated) accelerate-cuda backend - 2017-03-31

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