BSD-3-Clause licensed by Viktor Kronvall, Jonas Carpay
Maintained by Jonas Carpay
This version can be pinned in stack with:aeson-commit-1.6.0@sha256:dd065f6c35b4cf3f37e4251e5c53bb9d700695713eb28a586439fe01c395ff52,1464

Module documentation for 1.6.0


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Commitment mechanism for aeson parsers. Commitment means that if some initial parsing succeeds, subsequent failures are unrecoverable.

See haddocks for more information and examples.





  • Bump aeson upper bound
  • Change to major.minor.patch versioning



  • [#15] Depend on transformers instead of mtl, to sidestep current export issues in mtl 2.3



  • Nix support
  • Conditionally qualifications for aeson-2.0


  • Reword documentation



  • Relax version bounds in preparation for uploading to stackage
  • Rewords documentation – again



  • Reword parts of the documentation
  • Add missing fields to cabal file in preparation of adding to stackage



  • A changelog


  • Loosen version bounds in hope of appeasing the hackage build matrix



  • Everything