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Module documentation for 1.0.10

Haskell Runtime for AWS Lambda

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This package provides a way of running Haskell projects on AWS Lambda.

Sample lambda function

stack new my-haskell-lambda https://github.com/theam/aws-lambda-haskell-runtime/raw/master/stack-template.hsfiles --resolver=lts-12.13 --omit-packages
cd my-haskell-lambda
stack docker pull

Then add

- .

- aws-lambda-haskell-runtime-1.0.9

to your stack.yaml

Then run


Now you should have a build/function.zip file that you can upload to your lambda.

Lambda function configuration

When creating your lambda function you need to provide a layer with the Haskell runtime. We have deployed the layer to our AWS account, you can use it or deploy it to your own AWS account.

The ARN of the runtime layer is:

arn:aws:lambda:<YOUR REGION>:785355572843:layer:aws-haskell-runtime:2

Full user guide

Take a look at the Getting Started with the Haskell AWS Lambda Runtime guide.


Changelog for aws-lambda-haskell-runtime

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