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Beam driver for PostgreSQL, an advanced open-source RDBMS


Added features

  • Aeson 2.0 support

Added features

  • New conduit streaming variants which work directly in MonadResource
  • Heterogeneous variant of ilike_: ilike_'
  • Postgres-specific EXTRACT fields
  • GHC 9.2 and 9.0 support

Bug fixes

  • Throw correct exception for row errors in conduit implementation
  • Support emitting UUID values in context where type cannot be inferred by Postgres

Added features

  • MonadBase and MonadBaseControl instances for Pg

Bug fixes

  • Fix possible memory corruption by copying row data
  • Remove invalid parentheses emitted by pgUnnest

Interface changes

  • Removed instances for machine-dependent ambiguous integer types Int and Word
  • Fixed types for some functions that only work with jsonb and not json

Added features

  • Support for in_ on row values
  • Various Postgres regex functions
  • Expose fromPgIntegral and fromPgScientificOrIntegral
  • Add liftIOWithHandle :: (Connection -> IO a) -> Pg a
  • Add getDbConstraintsForSchemas to get constraints without relying on the state of the connection
  • Poly-kinded instances for Data.Tagged.Tagged
  • Add HasDefaultDatatype for UTCTime
  • Support for specifically-sized SqlSerial integers (smallserial, serial, bigserial)
  • Predicate detection for extensions
  • pgArrayToJson for array_to_json
  • Extension definition and all functions provided by uuid-ossp
  • GHC 8.8 support

Bug fixes

  • Only detect primary keys of tables in visible schemas
  • Fix emitting of DECIMAL type
  • Report JSON correct decoding errors instead of throwing UnexpectedNull

Behavior changes

  • runReturningOne and runResturningList now fetch all rows at once instead of using cursors

Add Semigroup instances to prepare for GHC 8.4 and Stackage nightly

Add runBeamPostgres and runBeamPostgresDebug functions.

Initial hackage beam-postgres