GPL-3.0-only licensed by Daniel Rolls
Maintained by [email protected]
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Byte Count Reader

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This library is for reading strings describing a number of bytes like 2Kb and 0.5 MiB.

The following are examples of strings that are accepted:

  • 1b
  • 2 KiB
  • 3.5 MB
  • 10    gib
  • 100tb


Changelog for byte-count-reader

Unreleased changes


  • Added a function that always assumes base 2 where ambiguities occur

  • Relaxed upper bound on extra <1.7 -> <1.8
  • Fixed incorrect link in README


  • bytesParser now accepts Text not [Char] datatypes
  • Moved usage of parsec3-numbers to parsec-numbers


  • Initial Version