GPL-2.0-only licensed by Manuel M T Chakravarty
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C->Haskell assists in the development of Haskell bindings to C libraries. It extracts interface information from C header files and generates Haskell code with foreign imports and marshaling. Unlike writing foreign imports by hand (or using hsc2hs), this ensures that C functions are imported with the correct Haskell types.



2005-12-12 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* c2hs/gen/GenBind.hs: When translating the target type of a
pointer hook into a Haskell type, don't take the pointer hook
alias map into account.

* c2hs.cabal: version 0.14.5

* c2hs/gen/GenBind.hs: Suppress code generation if requested

* c2hs/chs/CHS.hs: Added `nocode' to pointer hooks

* c2hs/chs/CHSLexer.hs: Added `nocode'

2005-12-05 Jelmer Vernooij <>

* c2hs/c/CTrav.hs: only match in `checkForOneCUName' if there are
no indirections

2005-12-05 Jelmer Vernooij <>

* c2hs/gen/GenBind.hs: support mapping struct and union names to haskell

* c2hs/c/CTrav.hs: added `checkForOneCUName'

Fri Nov 25 10:54:56 EST 2005 Jelmer Vernooij <>

* add prettify functions for structs, enums and unions

2005-08-10 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* c2hs/gen/GBMonad.hs: apply `upcaseFirstLetter' and
`downcaseFirstLetter' if specified

* c2hs/chs/CHS.hs: added `upcaseFirstLetter' and `downcaseFirstLetter'

2005-08-09 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* c2hs/gen/CInfo.hs: exports `getPlatform'

2005-08-08 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* c2hs/toplevel/Main.hs: Added --platform switch for cross compilation

* c2hs.cabal: 0.14.3

2005-08-08 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* c2hs.cabal: 0.14.2
* Support asm construct (Duncon Coutts)
* Hierachical modules (Duncon Coutts)

2005-07-13 Duncan Coutts <>

* Remove old C lexer & parser and replace them with new ones using
alex and happy

2005-07-14 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* C2HS library as a single file added to the generated binding

2005-07-13 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* Cabal-ised the build system
* c2hs.cabal (Version): 0.14.0

2005-05-18 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.13.6

2005-03-14 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* c/CParser.hs: Allow lists of GNU C attributes (patch contributed
by Duncan Coutts <>)

* chs/CHSLexer.hs (instr): Allow 8-bit characters (Volker Wysk
<> requested support for umlauts in strings)

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.13.5

2004-10-18 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* chs/CHS.hs (showCHSModule): Don't add extra '\n' after directive
during pretty printing

* chs/CHSLexer.hs (cpp): forgot to adapt lexing of #c to the new
situation where directives don't consume the following '\n'

2004-10-17 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* Modernised package deps and options

* gen/GenBind.hs (expandHook): We use the shadow identifier for
generating the Haskell name.

* chs/CHSLexer.hs (identOrKW): Identifier may be put in single quotes

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.13.4

2004-10-13 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* chs/CHSLexer.hs (cpp): fixed lexing of directives such that they
don't consume the '\n' that ends them

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.13.3

* toplevel/Main.hs (Flag): Added `--output-dir' option and removed

* gen/GenBind.hs (noDftMarshErr): better error message when
default marshallers are not available
(isIntegralCPrimType): handle C chars as integral types for marshalling

* toplevel/Main.hs (process): if there is no explicit output file
specified, the header file is put in the same directory as the
binding file; otherwise, it goes in the directory where the output
file is put

2004-10-09 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/Main.hs (process): store header file name in switch board

* state/Switches.hs: Store the name of the generated header file
(needed to generate complete foreign import declarations)

* gen/GenBind.hs (foreignImport): Add name of header file to
extent strings of generated foreign import declarations

* c/CAttrs.hs (applyPrefix): never create empty shadow identifiers

2004-10-08 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* chs/CHS.hs (dumpCHS): Header doesn't contain the "-- **"
sequence anymore that Haddock dislikes.

* c/CParser.hs (parseCStructUnion): We allow structs and unions
with no declarations, as GNU C does

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.13.2

2004-08-21 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* tests/Makefile: use configured $HC (courtesy Don Stewart

2004-06-11 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (pointerDef): Adapted to the standard interface
for foreign pointers

2004-06-10 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* c/CParser.hs: Added parsing of function bodies

* c/CLexer.hs: Added tokens occuring in the statement syntax

2004-06-09 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* c/CAST.hs: Added function bodies

* c/CPretty.hs: Added `auto' and `register' storage specifiers

* c/CLexer.hs: Added tokens for `auto' and `register' keywords

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.13.1

2004-05-15 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* c/CParser.hs (parseCHeader): Duncan Coutts
<> identified a space (and
time) leak in the old typedef-name morphing setup; this has been
rewritten now

2004-05-14 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.13.0 "Pressing Forward"

2003-10-20 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (foreignImport): brought generated foreign import
declarations in line with FFI Addendum

* toplevel/ removed legacy FFI support

* removed legacy FFI support

* mk/ removed legacy FFI support

* lib/Makefile: Removed all deprecated code and support code for
old versions of the FFI

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.12.1

2003-10-19 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* Contributions by Jens Petersen
<>: specify ghc version to build with;
don't redundantly provide c2hs; separate library out into
separate ghc version specific subpackage; put docs into separate
subpackage; disable empty debuginfo subpackage generation -
remove buildroot before installing; remove installed doc files,
since they're explicitly listed

* c/CLexer.hs (linedir): allow an arbitrary number of ints after
the filename in a #line directive; problem was first reported by Sean
Seefried <>

* gen/GBMonad.hs (delayCode): Generate appropriate line numbers
for delayed code; problem reported by Sean Seefried

* chs/CHS.hs (showCHSModule): Never generate negative line numbers

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.12.0 "Springtime"

2003-06-10 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.11.5

2003-05-30 Jens Petersen <>

* Search for compiler named HC too.

2003-05-30 Jens Petersen <>

* (Version): Set directly.
(Release): Ditto.
(%prep): Quieten setup.
(%build): Use configure macro.
(%install): Use makeinstall macro.
(%post): Use _bindir.
(%files): Make root own files. Use _bindir, _libdir and _mandir.

2003-05-22 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (Ord): Need instance for `<=' for indirectly
defined `compare'; bug reported by Ian Lynagh <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.11.4

2003-04-16 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenHeader.hs (ghFrag): sentries for conditionals must not be
turned into internal identifiers, as this spoils later equality
tests with identifiers read from the pre-processed header file;
bug reported by Axel Simon <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.11.3

2003-03-04 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (evalConstCExpr): supporting enumerators in
constant expressions

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.11.2

2003-02-13 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* chs/CHS.hs: removed the "header" tag (we now support the CPP
#include directive)

* Configuration-related patch by Ian Lynagh <> that
removes issues with GHC 5.05

2003-02-12 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (expandFrag): Expanding conditionals

* chs/CHSLexer.hs (haskell): the lexeme for one-line comments
shouldn't include the terminating newline, as this removes the
newline for following lexemes (eg, CPP directives) and is not
really necessary due to the Principle of the Longest Match

* gen/GenHeader.hs: debugging

2003-02-05 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenHeader.hs: New module extracting CPP directives and
inline-C from a .chs file

* toplevel/Main.hs (process): Integrated generation of custom C header

* c/CParser.hs (parseCHeader): Header file may be empty

2003-02-01 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* chs/CHS.hs (showCHSModule): emitting GHC line pragmas
(CHSFrag): added representations for cpp directives and inline-C
code, and adapted the functions processind the representations

* chs/CHSLexer.hs: Added support for pre-processor directives and
inline-C code

2003-01-31 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/Main.hs (process): Now reading the binding module
before the C header

2003-01-30 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* c/CParser.hs: Allow more GNU attributes contributed by Axel
Simon <>

2002-09-17 Manuel M T Chakravarty <chak@AttitudeAdjuster>

* gen/GBMonad.hs (HsObject): working around a problem with
deriving Read in GHC 5.04.1

2002-09-16 Manuel M T Chakravarty <chak@AttitudeAdjuster>

* Makefile (ghci): target to load all of c2hs into GHCi

2002-09-13 Manuel M T Chakravarty <chak@AttitudeAdjuster>

* toplevel/c2hs_config.c: removed the `signed' modifier on
suggestion of Seth Kurtzberg <> as it apparently
confuses the Solaris 8 C compiler

2002-09-07 Manuel M T Chakravarty <chak@AttitudeAdjuster>

* add post install and uninstall scripts to register
and deregister the package with GHC

* fixed REQUIRES_HASKELL for ghc

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.17

2002-09-06 Manuel M T Chakravarty <chak@AttitudeAdjuster>

* toplevel/ (cppopts): Added "-x c" on suggestion
by Axel Simon

* Makefile (install): using --update-package instead of --add-package

* Fixed some nhc98 related issues

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.16

2002-07-12 Manuel M T Chakravarty <chak@AttitudeAdjuster>

* added the system for which the package was
compiled to the output of the --version option

* c/CParser.hs (parseCStructUnion): Allow __extension__ in
structure declarations and added `inline'.

* c/CAST.hs: Added `inline'

* c/CLexer.hs: Added support for `inline' keyword

2002-07-06 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.15

2002-05-16 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* lib/C2HSMarsh.hs: added support for bit masks

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.14

2002-05-10 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (setGet): corrected bug in bit fiddling

2002-05-02 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.13

2002-04-16 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.12

2002-03-20 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* chs/CHSLexer.hs (haskell): Debug the handling of character literals

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.11

2002-03-12 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* we now require the Haskell compiler to be the one
for which the package was build

* Makefile: adapted to revised build system

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.10

2002-03-06 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* chs/CHSLexer.hs (haskell): Escape characters in Haskell strings
haven't been handled correctly in all cases as reported by Volker
Wysk <>; we also have to handle character
constants specially, because '"' is a legal Haskell character

2002-03-03 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* Package handling fix by Jens Petersen

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.9

2002-02-25 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs: debugging

2002-02-24 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* chs/CHS.hs (parseOptAs): `^' as synonym for previous identifier,
but with underscores rewritten to caps

* chs/CHSLexer.hs: added `CHSTokHat'

2002-02-23 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* lib/C2HSMarsh.hs: added some more convenience functions

2002-02-21 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs: Completed processing of function hooks

2002-02-18 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* chs/CHSLexer.hs: Added `CHSTokMinus'

* chs/CHS.hs: Revised the syntax of fun hooks

* chs/CHSLexer.hs: Added `CHSTokAmp' (representing `&')

* gen/GenBind.hs (foreignImport): factorised the code for call
hook generation to make those portions that are also useful for
fun hooks reusable
(expandHook): implemented fun hooks

* gen/GBMonad.hs: extracted monad-related code from `GenBind.hs'

* gen/GenBind.hs: split off the monad definition and operations
into `GBMonad.hs'

2002-02-17 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* chs/CHSLexer.hs: introduced `hsverb' tokens

* chs/CHS.hs: `pure' instead of `fun' to indicate calls to pure
C functions (`fun' retained for backwards compatibility)

* chs/CHSLexer.hs: introduced the keyword `pure'

2002-02-13 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* Makefile: adapted to using GHC package management

2002-02-11 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* lib/Makefile (depend): increase portability

2002-02-06 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* probe for `grep'

2002-02-05 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* aclocal.m4 (CTK_GHC_VERSION): no \+ in sed on Solaris

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.7

2002-01-15 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (mergeMaps): now, the read map overrides any
entires for shared keys in the map that is already in the monad;
this is so that, if multiple import hooks add entries for shared
keys, the textually latest prevails; any local entries are entered
after all import hooks anyway

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.6

2002-01-10 Jens Petersen <>

* c/CParser.hs (parseC): corrected "contained contained" in
proceeding comments.

* ../doc/c2hs/c2hs.sgml (Set Hooks): correct #get to #set

* ../doc/c2hs/Makefile (TOP): "../../.." to "../.."

2002-01-10 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.5

2001-12-20 Manuel M T Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (expandHook): fixed a sizeof bug pointed out by Jens
Petersen <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.4

2001-12-11 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/c2hs_config.c: now conforms to ISO C

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.3

2001-11-14 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (setGet): debugged

2001-11-13 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (setGet): reading and writing of bitfields
(alignOffset): now handles alignment of bit fields
(extractCompType): debugging

2001-11-12 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (specType): added bitfield handling
(BitSize): introduced size specs for partially filled storage units

* toplevel/ (bitfieldDirection): added
(bitfieldPadding): added
(bitfieldIntSigned): added

* toplevel/c2hs_config.c: runtime configuration query functions

* gen/CInfo.hs (CPrimType): extended by variants for bitfields
(size): now a function instead of an array
(alignment): now a function instead of an array

* gen/GenBind.hs (showExtType): simplified `showExtType' again;
the brace level idea doen't work for `DefinedET' anyway; so, let's
simplify the code

2001-11-08 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.2

2001-10-17 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* c/CParser.hs (parseCDecl): corrected the precise locatio where
an __attribute__ annotation may occur.

2001-10-16 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (evalConstCExpr): added `alignof'

* c/CNames.hs (naCExpr): added `alignof'

* c/CAST.hs: added `alignof'

* c/CParser.hs (parseCUnaryExpr): added `alignof' expressions

* c/CLexer.hs: added keyword `alignof'

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.1

2001-10-08 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* chs/CHS.hs: debugged

2001-10-07 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs: handling class hooks

* Makefile: improved cleaning targets

* chs/CHS.hs (parseClass): added class hooks

* chs/CHSLexer.hs: added tokens `class' and `=>'

* gen/GenBind.hs (isFunExtType): IO types are function types

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.10.0 "Altocumulus Stratiformis
Perlucidus Undulatus"

2001-08-26 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (foreignImport): `libName' removed until the new
FFI conventions for libs are implemented in GHC

* c/CTrav.hs (dropPtrDeclr): fixed pointer to pointer case

* c/CPretty.hs: implemented pretty-printing for part of the C AST

2001-08-25 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (setGet): missed ";" in code generation

* c/CParser.hs (cidOrTN): after struct or union tag we may have a
normal idenifier or a type name; spotted by Simon Bowden
<> and Michael Zinn <>

2001-08-23 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (expandHook): adding parenthesis around the
generated type; problem pointed out by Matthew Tarnawsky

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.9.9

2001-06-20 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (expandHook): added sizeof hook
(sizeAlignOf): corrected size computation for structures to
conform to [K&R A7.4.8]
(sizeAlignOf): improved handling of `DefinedET', which led to an
endless loop

* chs/CHS.hs: added sizeof hook

* chs/CHSLexer.hs: added keyword `sizeof'

* gen/GenBind.hs (evalConstCExpr): sizeof now supported

* lib/C2HSDeprecated.hs: includes Storable methods of the new
Storable in addition to those of the old

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.9.8

2001-06-18 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* c/CParser.hs (parseCExpr): `CComma' requires at least two
expressions; patch by Armin Sander <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.9.7

2001-06-16 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* chs/CHS.hs: local prefix for enum hooks; courtesy of Armin
Sander <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (expandHook): correctly uses a `FunPtr' for
pointers to functional types
(setGet): no deep check required as set/get do not perform a deep
copy; bug reported by Armin Sander <>
(expandHook): local prefix for enum hooks; courtesy of Armin
Sander <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.9.6

2001-05-20 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (enumInst): Fix for avoiding warnings when
generated bindings are compiled with -Wall contributed by Armin
Sander <>

2001-05-14 Axel Simon <>

* toplevel/Main.hs, state/Switchboard.hs, chs/CHS.hs: add
-i flag which takes a colon separated list of search paths for
.chi files.

* fixed some bugs in parsing import hooks

2001-05-13 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.9.5

* gen/GenBind.hs (expandHook): revised to properly handle struct,
union, and enum tags as C identifiers in pointer hooks; also
handles non-abstract pointers with explicit "*" now better; the
problems were pointed out by Marcin Kowalczyk <>

* c/CTrav.hs (findTypeObjMaybe): added
(lookupDeclOrTag): added
(enumName): added
(tagName): added

* c/CLexer.hs (charconst): Patch from Armin Sander
<> regarding character constants

2001-05-11 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* Patch from Jens-Ulrik Petersen
<> fixes $sys variable setting

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.9.4

2001-05-06 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (extractCompType): rewrote that thing again

* c/CTrav.hs (checkForOneAliasName): added

2001-05-05 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* c/CTrav.hs (chaseDecl): simplified

* gen/GenBind.hs (expandHook): debugged the pointer hook

* c/CTrav.hs (findAndChaseDecl): correction

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.9.3

2001-05-03 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (expandHook): added import hook
(mergePtrMap): added
(dumpPtrMap): added

* chs/CHS.hs (loadCHI): added
(dumpCHI): added
(CHSHook): added `import' hook

* chs/CHSLexer.hs: Added the keywords `import' and `qualified'

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.9.2

2001-05-02 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (extractCompType): as pointed out by Axel Simon,
we can't return `ForeignPtr's from imported foreign functions
(setGet): the `accessType' story is largely redundant with the new
formulation of `extractCompType', but we still need to check the
marshaled type
(setGet): `DefinedET' now takes a declaration rather than an
identifier as its first argument; this is necessary for anonymous
(extractCompType): functions are now extracted correctly

* c/CTrav.hs (isPtrDecl): works on identifiers now and chases
(dropPtrDeclr): added

* gen/GenBind.hs (extractCompType): completely rewrote this
function to properly handle pointer and function types and honour
aliases introduced by pointer hooks

2001-05-01 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* c/CTrav.hs (isPtrDeclr): functions types without an explizit
pointer constructor are no longer regarded as pointers

* gen/CInfo.hs: renamed `CAddrPT' and `CFunAddrPT' to `CPtrPT' and
`CFunPtrPT', respectively

* gen/GenBind.hs (extractCompType): revised for pointer hooks

2001-04-30 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (setGet): uses FunPtr for functions
(extractPtrType): added

2001-04-28 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (expandHook): rewrote `alias'hook into `pointer' hook

* chs/CHS.hs: rewrote the `alias' hook into the `pointer' hook

* chs/CHSLexer.hs: removed `alias' token and added `pointer' and

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.9.1

* gen/GenBind.hs: clean up

2001-04-21 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* chs/CHSLexer.hs: Added `(' and `)'

* chs/CHS.hs: Added code implementing the `alias' hook and the
`deriving' option for the `enum' hook. This code was contributed
by Axel Simon <> (also related code in CHSLexer.hs);
but added parenthesis to `deriving'

* c/CTrav.hs: Added code implementing the `alias' hook, which
was contributed by Axel Simon <>

* gen/GenBind.hs: The following patch was contributed by Axel
Simon <>: `extractCompType' generates addresses
of type `Ptr <type>' instead of `Addr' (if `--old-ffi=no', which
is the default)

* Adapted for ghc 5.00

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.9.0 "Blue Ginger"

2001-02-22 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* lib/C2HSDeprecated.hs: Corrected String marshalling for 4.11;
suggested by Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk <>

2001-02-19 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* generated code needs -package lang for
compilation and linking

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.8.3 "Gentle Moon"

2001-02-13 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* lib/ Adaptation layer for StablePtr for the
legacy FFI interface

2001-02-12 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* lib/C2HS.hs: Forgot to export `FunPtr' and associated functions

* lib/C2HSDeprecated.hs: Some exports had been missing

* c/CTrav.hs: Handle `CAttrs.BuiltinCO'

* c/CNames.hs (nameAnalysis): add builtin type definitions

* c/CBuiltin.hs: predefine `__builtin_va_list' as a
typedef'd name

* c/CParser.hs (parseCHeader): use `CBuiltin'

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.8.2

2001-02-11 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* releasing version 0.8.1 "Gentle Moon"
* ../doc/c2hs/: Documentation updated & added the Haskell FFI
Marshalling Library specification

2001-02-09 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* lib/Makefile: Debugging for 4.11

2001-02-05 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/ Moved the primitive characteristics
table to `CInfo' (it is based now on getting the information from
the FFI of the Haskell compiler compiling c2hs)

* gen/CInfo.hs: Added

2001-02-04 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* lib/C2HSMarsh.hs: Moved almost everything to `C2HSDeprecated'

* lib/C2HSBase.hs: Much simplified conversion routines and the old
`Storable' definition died

2001-02-03 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* Removed all the stuff that had to be there for the
late `lib/'

* lib/ RIP - All the relevant information is now
available from the Standard FFI

* C2HSDeprecated.hs: Added old C type names

* lib/C2HS.hs: Added support for the New FFI Libraries (so that
they are also useable with Haskell systems only supporting the old

2000-08-22 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* lib/C2HSDeprecated.hs: contains a compatibility interface to the
"Afterthought" series

2000-08-18 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.8.0 "Gentle Moon"

** WARNING: Only the FFI of GHC 4.08 upwards is supported **

** WARNING: Code breaking changes to the marshalling library **
** Compatibility library provided **

2000-08-12 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* lib/C2HSBase.hs (IntConv): instances for Int8, Word8, and Char

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.7.10

2000-08-06 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* chs/CHS.hs (showCHSTrans): corrected syntax
(parseTrans): comma now correctly required after underscoreToCase

* gen/GenBind.hs (transTabToTransFun): properly handles prefixes
in the translation function
(enumDef): prefixes are now generally removed from enumerators
without the constraint that the prefix has to be removed from all
enumerators or none

2000-08-04 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (usualArithConv): forgot a case; patch
contributed by Axel Simon <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.7.9

2000-07-06 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (specType.matches): forgot a case; bug spotted by
Axel Simon <>

* lib/C2HSBase.hs (plusAddr): ugly kludge for GHC 4.08 (doesn't
work with any older version for the moment)

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.7.8

2000-04-15 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* c/CLexer.hs (pragma): ignores `#pragma's

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.7.7

2000-04-09 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* mk/ added

* gen/GenBind.hs: added `long long's
(specType): added error message for unsupported types

* lib/ added `long long's

* toplevel/ added `long long's

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.7.6

2000-04-08 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* corrected sed expression for Solaris

2000-03-02 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* tests/Makefile: added & revised all the tests

* debugging

2000-03-01 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* lib/C2HSMarsh.hs (addrWithMarkerToList): debugged

2000-02-28 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (expandHook): adapted to new `CHSContext' def

* c/CParser.hs: Using `Utils.Tag' class to make `CToken' an instance of

* c/CLexer.hs: Making `CToken' an instance of `Utils.Tag' instead
of `Eq'

2000-02-25 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* chs/CHS.hs: added `header' tag in context hook

* chs/CHSLexer.hs: added keyword `header'

* c/CLexer.hs, c/CParser.hs, c/CAST.hs: added C99 type qualifier
`restrict'; thanks to "Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk"
<> for pointing this out

2000-02-24 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs (foreignImport): system-dependent library suffix

*,toplevel/ DLSUFFIX

2000-02-23 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.7.5

1999-12-04 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* lib/C2HSBase.hs (BoolConv): added

1999-11-24 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* ../doc/c2hs/Makefile: corrections by Michael Weber

1999-11-17 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* Man pages and debianisation, courtesy of Michael Weber

* c/CNames.hs: no new range for tag definitions is started when
entering a struct declaration list or a parameter list; thanks to
Volker Wysk <> for the bug report

* c/CAttrs.hs (enterNewObjRangeC): added
(leaveObjRangeC): added

1999-11-16 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* c/CTrav.hs (extractAlias): now correctly handles anonymous
declarations; introduced new function `declaredDeclr'; thanks to
Michael Weber <> for the bug report

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.7.4

1999-11-07 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* lib/C2HSBase.hs: adapted to new `assign' and `deref' routines

* gen/GenBind.hs: debugged

* c/CTrav.hs (extractStruct): takes care that forward declerations
of structs are followed to the full definition

* lib/C2HSMarsh.hs: added `nothingIf', `nothingIfNull';
generalised string handling to `listToAddrWithLen' and

1999-11-06 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/Main.hs: Header file search in standard directories and
directories passed in `-IDIR' options to cpp.

* Added `--c2hs' option to `c2hs-config'

* lib/C2HSMarsh.hs: Michael's `Int'/`Word' patch

1999-11-03 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* lib/C2HSMarsh.hs: more instances for `ToAddr' & `FromAddr'

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.7.3

1999-10-30 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* Makefile: adapted to modularised CTK and added installation support

* added

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.7.2

1999-10-28 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* c/CNames.hs: multiple declarations for the same object are
now allowed (thanx Michael)

* lib/C2HSMarsh.hs: added some suggestions from Michael Weber

* c/CLexer.hs: #line directives

1999-10-26 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* no sizeof or align tests for char

1999-10-25 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* gen/GenBind.hs: some clean up and improved error message with
more position information

* chs/CHS.hs: Positions are maintained for improved error messages.

* toplevel/Main.hs: removes intermediate file (but it can be
retained on explicit request)

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.7.1

1999-10-24 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* examples/libghttpHS/Ghttp.chs: adapted to new syntax & features

* Solaris patch from Michael Weber

* gen/GenBind.hs: new hook syntax

* chs/CHS.hs (and friends): grok new hook syntax

1999-10-23 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.7.0 (align hook syntax with paper)

* c/CTrav.hs: routines from `CNames' and `GenBind' generalised and
exported from `CTrav'
(defTag): handles enum tags now correctly

1999-10-22 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* c/CNames.hs: sets up the object associations for usage positions

1999-10-21 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* c/CTrav.hs (defTag): handles refined struct definitions

* toplevel/Main.hs: Command line option patch from Michael Weber

* c/CNames.hs: computes the object reference attributes now

* c/CTrav.hs (isTypedef): added

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.6.2

1999-10-20 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* examples/libghttpHS/Ghttp.chs: uses `C2HS's exception handling

* lib/C2HSMarsh.hs: debugging

* toplevel/Version.hs (versnum): 0.6.1

1999-10-18 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* c/CLexer.hs: computes attributes for identifiers

1999-10-17 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* c/CNames.hs: moved gathering of definitions from `C', starting a
more standard name analysis pass

* c/CTrav.hs: basic traversal support for name space and
definition attribute operations

* c/CAttrs.hs: C definition attribute data type and operations

* toplevel/Version.hs: 0.6.0

1999-10-16 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* lib/C2HSMarsh.hs: Marshaling idioms & exception handling

1999-10-13 Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>

* examples/libghttpHS/Ghttp.chs: compiles

* toplevel/Main.hs (execute): debugged

* lib/C2HS.hs: Advanced marshaling support

Pre-GNU style change log

12Oct99 lib/C2HSMarsh -> lib/C2HSBase; lib/C2HSMarsh new

08Oct99 Debugging
06Oct99 (# ... #) to {# ... #}; extended `C2HSMarsh'; `Ghttp' example

01Oct99 Improved autoconf support for computing the information necessary for
determining struct offsets & corresponding changes in `GenBind'
plus full struct and union support

29Sep99 Debugging
28Sep99 Improving marshaling lib
27Sep99 Autoconf support
26Sep99 More lexer debugging, typedef chasing & field hooks with indirections;
preprocessing of the C header implemented
21Sep99 Debugged CHS lexer (Haskell comments etc)

06Sep99 Enums correctly lead to `CInt's in foreign import declarations
01Sep99 Added dot syntax for field hooks

01Sep99 Added support for explicit tag values in enumerations
31Aug99 added tag objects to `CAttrs.hs' and `C.hs'; enumeration hooks are
partial functional

30Aug99 context and call hooks are functional

29Aug99 full path completed
19Aug99 started `lib' part
17Aug99 started `gen' part
17Aug99 finished the CHS parser and printing routines in `CHS.hs'
16Aug99 finished first version of CHS lexer; added `CHS.hs'
15Aug99 started `chs' part

12Aug99 Various fixes to the C lexer and parser; added toplevel/Main.hs and

03Apr99 Finished first complete version of C lexer and parser
27Feb99 starting project