Concurrent actions that may fail with a value.

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A version of the Concurrently Applicative from Simon Marlow’s async package, with the difference that the concurrent computation stops if any of the actions returns a Left value, not only in the case of exceptions.

The internals have been copied wholesale from Concurrently, with modifications to support the new behaviour.

Includes a useful Bifunctor instance.

- Removed Monad, MonadThrow, MonadCatch instances.
- Added Semigroup instance.
- Removed exception and mtl dependencies.
- Made internal function "conceit'" public.
- Incorporate the solution to issue #27 from the async package
This changes the order of cancellation of threads in case
of an asynchronous exception.
- Qualified Alt to make it compile with GHC 7.10.
- Bumped void and exceptions dependencies.
- Now >> behaves differently from the concurrent *>, and sequences its
arguments. It makes more sense for the monad. This is what Haxl does as
- Internal changes that remove the necessity for (Show e,Typeable e)
- Removed async dependency.
- Many new instances for Conceit.

- Added _Conceit.
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