Interfacing pipes with foldl folds.

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What’s in this library?

A pair of fold-like datatypes that consume Producers from pipes and can be constructed in a variety of ways, in particular from the more versatile folds in Gabriel Gonzalez’s foldl package.

The Fold1 consumes a single Producer, while the Fold2 datatype consumes two Producers concurrently.

Why was this library created?

I wanted a fold-like datatype for Producers that allowed “bracketing” operations like “withFile”.

I also wanted to be able to fold two Producers concurrently (for example, merge the piped stdout & stderr streams of an external process into one unified stream).

Finally, I wanted the fold-like datatype to have a “failure option” baked in.

If you don’t need any of that, you are better off using pipes and/or foldl by themselves.

Where can I find working examples for this library?

There are none yet.