Concurrent PostgreSQL data consumers

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BSD3 licensed by Scrive AB

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Library for setting up concurrent consumers of data stored inside PostgreSQL database in a simple, declarative manner.

See the examples/ directory for a usage example.


consumers- (2018-07-11)

  • Support hpqtypes-
  • Drop support for GHC < 8.

consumers- (2018-03-18)

  • GHC 8.4.1 support.

consumers- (2017-09-18)

  • Added a MonadTime constraint to runConsumer. The currentTime method from MonadTime is now used instead of now() in SQL. This is mostly useful for testing, to control the flow of time in test cases.

  • Added a new runConsumer variant: runConsumerWithIdleSignal. When a consumer is idle, this variant signals a TMVar. This is mostly useful for testing.

  • Added a test suite.

consumers- (2017-07-21)

  • Now depends on ‘log-base’ instead of ‘log’.
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